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ATT SE1 rubber and nylon washer?

Hello Everyone,

Today I took delivery of my very first single edge shaving razor, an Above The Tie SE1. I haven't had the chance to use it yet but am impressed with the quality thus far.

My quick question please, why did they include both a nylon and rubber washer. The razor itself already has a white nylon washer installed between the handle and the head.

Thanks very much in advance!

Washers only to prevent scratches on the base plate from the handle. Not sure why they would send one of each. Nylon washer works better for daily use. Rubber usually just for shipping.
Some guys prefer the rubber o-ring. I'm not sold on it, but apparently the idea is that as a "snubber" it will help to damp out blade chatter if that's a problem. I am sold on the use of nylon washers, however. Particularly with a razor I spent a fair bit of money on, they're handy to keep from marring the head finish with the handle. Not such a worry with non-Zamak razors, where it's more cosmetic than metallurgical. I like them with Zamak razors because some makers of such things don't put a very thick protective coat over the alloy. The washer provides a bearing surface for the end of the handle.

I’m not sure if they are the same size as normal DE razors but I bought 100 M5 nylon washers on eBay for a very reasonable price so that I have them on hand to use with any 3 piece razors I use. So far that’s a Rockwell 6C and Gillette Tech. In addition to protecting the finish they also provide a reassuring snug tightness that won’t come unscrewed. I doubt they are strictly necessary but I like using them all the same.
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