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ATT H-1; BBS in Two Passes

Maybe swearing off any safety razor that wasn't made by Gillette was a mistake. Looking for a more aggressive shave, I stumbled upon the H-1 by our friends at Above The Tie. What a razor!
While Gillette products are well-crafted instruments, this looks like a precision tool. The machining is flawless and the brushing on the 303 stainless steel is perfect.
I have been expecting this since I ordered it on Saturday so I haven't shaved since that morning. With no pressure applied, the H-1 cut through five days of thick stubble like a hot knife through butter. The second pas cleaned up and there was absolutely no need for a third. Alcohol based aftershave provoked no sting whatsoever despite the aggressive nature of the H-1. Two passes and a BBS shave? Yes please!
Quality doesn't come cheap. I already have a 3.75 inch stainless handle as well as a 3 inch Ikon Bulldog so I saw no need to acquire a third. I picked up the H-1 head alone on abovethetie.com for $140.00. You can get the whole setup, either the long-handled Kronos or the short handled Atlas for $185.00. They also offer the open-comb model, the H-2, for the same price. This razor is not cheap, but it might be the last one I ever buy....probably not but it sounded nice :)
Congrats. The ATT H1 is such a nice razor. I have all of the base plates and the H1 has become my favorite. The H2 gives a nice shave.
Welcome to the ATT club. I have the open comb set. Have not tried the closed comb. What blade did you use?
I used an Astra SP. I generally prefer Feathers but the aggressiveness of the H series is legendary. I figured I'd start off cautious. What do you generally use?
Welcome to the ATT club. Love my R1. Glad you got great performance out if the gate. It's a gorgeous hunk of stainless.
I've heard so many good things about the ATT H-1s. You mentioned the Ikon, does the ATT head fit an Ikon handle?
The H1 is really excellent and I thought I'd be using it forever, but I've found that I prefer the H2 plate to the H1.
It's a more comfortable and more efficient shave for me and I use it just about every day.
I have all of the base plates except the M2.

My favorite blades in the ATT razor, in no particular order, are as follow:

PolSilver Super Iridium
Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow
Gillette 7 O'Clock Black
Gillette Silver Blue

I really enjoy the sharper blades myself.

I think you'll really like the Feather blade in the ATT.
I've found that the Feather blades are absolutely excellent in this razor.
I purchased 100 right after trying them late last year and traded other blades for 40 more this year.
All of those I listed above are excellent.
I've heard so many good things about the ATT H-1s. You mentioned the Ikon, does the ATT head fit an Ikon handle?

Yes, the ATT head fits all of my heads. I've got the Ikon, Gillette, Merkur and Muhle. It fits them all. The threads are short so I imagine it will fit the vast majority of handles. I like it better than the Ikon. More aggressive than any Ikon model including the slant. Now I've got my eyes on a Tradere.
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