ATT G1 razor; anybody own one? anybody use one?

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by kingfisher, May 23, 2019.

    Just curious about the G1. After the launch there were lots of complaints that it wouldn't shave, that it was wonky to load a blade into, that the tiny part was annoying and likely to get lost, etc., etc.

    It was re-tooled to make it more aggressive and then reviews that came out after that were still pretty tepid, if I recall correctly.

    I think it looks cool, but I'm curious as to whether anybody actually owns, uses, and likes it? Or did you try it and get rid of it? Please share your experiences with this razor. Thanks.
  1. Have one. Use it. I picked up both the mild and less-mild plates with mine. I have a Kronos handle on it.

    The good: it is EXACTLY the same shave you'll get from a nice Gem 1912. In fact, that's a testament to ATT -- that was exactly the shave they told me they were trying to hit. It's not a perfect shave for ME but that's me. I still like it and keep it in my rotation. The mass of the outfit lets it pull through stiff patches. Unlike an AC razor however, you will want to do a full three passes, I think, instead of two.

    The flip side: I'm losing some flex in the fingers that aren't already stiff from injuries. I was a little curious about what somebody referred to as "the fiddly bits." But it's not a problem. I'm usually going for a Zen-like calm when getting ready to shave, so I'm slowed down and paying attention already. I just put a washcloth on the counter and load up the razor over that. If I drop something it doesn't have far to go for a soft landing. It's not a problem for me.

    Hope for the future: It's an absolutely brilliant modern take on Gem style and perfect for anyone who likes a 1912 shave. Before someone else says it, yes, you CAN still buy a 1912 for under five bucks if you're lucky. I got TWO for five bucks once. I'm glad I've got a G1. I'm thinking about modding the milder plate to be "scalloped" for a bit more blade exposure. If it works it would make a good razor a great one, in my oh-so-humble opinion.

  2. I have one I grabbed off eBay a few weeks back, along with an M1 Adjustable. The G1 gave a close and pretty smooth shave first time out, once I took out one of the vintage blades it came with and installed a new Chick blade. (The vintage, although NOS, was a bit rough, as I don't think it was stainless). I actually had to adjust to the Adjustable (M1) to find the angle, a bit, and now get the same shave with it set on around 7 out of 8 as the G1, using the same Chinese made Schick blades.

    I find it shaves smoother or more comfortably than my Gem Junior, and a lot easier to go ATG and get under the nose with than the GEM. - I don't use the GEM much, and sadly have like 180 PTFE blades for it. (Maybe I'll buy a Oneblade Hybrid while they're on sale for Father's Day, and use them in that....just worried it won't shave better than the Core I tried two years ago). I'd place the closeness of both the G1 and the M1 (on 7/8) at nearly the same as my Timeless 95 OC, or ever so slightly less, but a bit more maneuverable and less likely to bite if you get sloppy, after maybe half dozen shaves. Most difficult part was how light they are compared to my Timeless or Rockwell 6s.

    I paid less than $3.00 for the G1, with a couple bucks shipping....under $6.00 total, delivered to my door.
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  4. It was in really sad shape, but some TLC with an old toothbrush, dip in the ultra-sonic, and a bit of polish applied with a micro-fiber towel, and she isn't bad looking. Price included a 'Vintage' injector/key, originally containing 20 blades, but unsure how many remain. - Lets say the pictures on eBay were not kind, but she cleaned up well. Small amount of plating loss on the back side, but the business side is nice and smooth. I was sort of surprised nobody else bid on it, and it was clearly labelled as a model G, which I verified before buying.
  5. Sounds like cyberdog is talking about the Schick Model G injector instead of the ATT G1 Gem bladed razor. I happen to have the ATT G1 and I enjoy using it. Not mild as I feared. I prefer the Blackland Saber level 2, but the ATT is no slouch.
  6. You're tight, I never thought that you were asking about the artisan blade SE.

    It's official, we need to find a way to reference the razors better, having two G1s is too confusing. - And that's just one example.

    My bad, didn't even notice the ATT in the heading, and read it as ATG.....I must need more coffee in the morning.
  7. Would you say that the ATT G1 is similar to the 1912 in terms of the shave qualities, aggression, etc.?
  8. Yes, it shaves very similar to the 1912 in terms of angle placement, aggression, and shave quality. I think the G1 was modeled after the 1912. The G1 head is a little heavier being made of solid SS.
  9. Bingo. Right in one.

    The G1 head is a little smaller than the usual Gem, and it has milled ripples in the top cap that help to redistribute lather behind the razor and prevent the dreaded "Gem Face-Suck." (Which ain't a problem for me, but some guys have a little kerfuffle with the flat caps getting glued to their cheeks.)

    I'm not sure precisely why, since it's not my best shaver -- but the darn G1 really lit up my fan-boy module.

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    I wish I didn't come across this thread because now I'm thinking of buying one of these. I pretty much had given up on Gem style razors but this one looks intriguing. I'm afraid I will be buying one of these very soon.
    Here is a picture of it to avoid more confusion.

    ATT G1.jpg
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    Anyone else try this razor?
  12. I love the way it looks.

    That's kind of why I started the thread; that and the fact that although it had a lot of initial hype, it seemed to fall off the radar very quickly. I suspect the first version was such a dud that a lot of guys never gave it a second thought.

    I do enjoy GEM razors, but I already have quite a few vintage versions that are in the rotation. Trying to decide whether I should add this beauty to the stable. I find it very tempting....
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    I ordered the head. Should have it in soon. Like I said, I kind of gave up on Gen type razors but I thought I'd give it another go with this one.
  14. I hope you enjoy it.
    Use the PTFE coated blade. Palm strop the blade a few times on each side before the first shave.Maintain a shallow angle throughout.
    And make sure to give us a full report!
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    I use to really enjoy the ER-1914 but then for some reason a couple of spots on my neck would get very irritated after my shave. I think ATT says with this razor it's very important to keep it flat against your face. I never did with my other Gem razors. I'll see what happens and give a review.
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    I got it in today. Now if I can just figure out how to put it together I'll try it. They could include a little sketch or something.
  17. I'm glad you got it. There are videos on YouTube that explain it very clearly, if you think that would help. Can't wait to hear your impressions.
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    Right now the only impression you might get is how much it cost for me to send it back. I will look for a U-Tube video for some help.
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    I just had my first shave. It’s a real beauty and shaves really nice.
    First off I have to say putting it together for use is a bit tricky. Once I figured out how to do that all was fine.
    I used an ordinary Gem stainless steel blade. I hand stropped it a few times.

    It does give a nice smooth shave. Although similar to the ER-1912 it is different. It feels nice on your face. Maybe it’s the extra weight or the grooves in the head. I’m not sure why but I like it better than the ER-1912. To honest I haven’t use the 1912 in awhile but I don’t remember enjoying it as much as the G1.

    ATT should have included some sort of directions on assembly. Something like this would have been helpful.

    1. Put the little threaded hook thru the base plate with the hook toward the front.

    2. Then put the blade in place.

    3. Then put the top piece on with the tapered end toward the front.

    4. Then screw the handle on.

    This razor gives such a nice smooth and close shave it’s worth every penny. You can get it with or without a handle. I will be keeping it.

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