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Athens, GA Shaving Supplies

Earth Fare at Five Points has several "kiss my face" shaving creams, two boar brushes from companies I've never heard of, and some other creams and a soap.

There is a Bath & Body Works at the Georgia Square Mall, home of the re-branded Proraso cream. There is another B&BW at the mall at the intersection of Alps and Baxter, whose name eludes me at the moment.

There's a pharmacy downtown, I think it's Hodgson's or something. They have an unbranded bristle brush that I am nearly positive is the Burma Shave brush, as well as Wilkinson's blades, William's mug soap.
The pharmacy downtown is Horton's and the bristle brush is actually branded "Ever-Ready" although it is still probably the same as the Burma Shave one.
There's also a Sally's Beauty Supply next to the East Side Kroger (on College Station Rd.) . It carries a range of Clubman products, IIRC.
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