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ATG/South to North grip

I think putting all your fingers in the same side of the scales might limit your flexibility. The main thing for me is having the thumb on the flat of the tang.

If I have all my fingers on the same side, I hold it like a kamisori razor, with scales more in line with the tang. That tends to be my ATG grip for my neck and submandibular triangle.

The grip you link to is more what I do on the cheeks.

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I use very similar grip WTG, with the pinky under the tail as in picture.

ATG, if shaving ATG under the lip I use this grip (usually don't).
And if shaving WTG the very few hair lowest at the front neck that grow upwards,
but usually shave then in wrong direction instead.

The XTG grip I use on one area when shaving ATG because of a horizontal growth direction (one handed shaver).
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I think I get it now, I was trying with scales more or less 90 degrees from the blade, at more like 75 degrees it’s more comfortable, and I have more control.
Watch some straight shaving videos on youtube so you see the general holds others use and a good place to start. You'll find there are several ways you may wish to hold the razor depending on which side of the face and angle you need.
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