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At long last, I got out and went hiking Christmas eve morning

I have been really slacking on taking care of me and my addiction to being on our little mountain here.

So I had today off and got up at the crack of dawn, geared up, and got on that hiking haven.

Temps in the high 20s low 30s but it was great! An excellent way to start the frantic time known as Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Getting sore but I am so relaxed and at peace now I can look forward to wrapping up the holiday.

Old pic. I left my camera behind today so I could just enjoy the mountain.

My gift to myself this year.....a year of too much job stress, too much home stress, too much of everything.

Feel new again. Try it sometime. The outdoors heals what ails you.

While I can't go to the mountains I did take my dog for a walk to as you say leave the stress and think. In doing so I ran into the most amazing little gem of a path. A river walk path I knew not existed and have lived here for going on 7 years. The reason is where I live the housing went kaput in 08 but before that there was a huge build up of the area that is now empty land. Well this path is behind the empty lands that run along the river and the developer put this path down. It was great to find it. It was a meandering two mile walk way with BlackBerry bushes (yes!). Can't wait till picking season:D


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