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at last nice and warm lather

$20140206_154547.jpg picked up this Rival mini pot used to warm sauces from Walmart for $4.50. Makes wonderfully warm lather. Finally.
Won't that mini pot get your lather too hot? I'm not familiar with them, but once lather gets to a certain temperature (depending on the source) it begins to break down.
I've found that a scuttle is the ticket for me.

My son-in-law closed down an office he had and let me go through the leftover stuff. I found one of those coffee cup warmers. So I get warm lather every shave. It doesn't get too hot at all.
Not to worry. It doesn't really get too hot. It's designed to keep its contents warm. You just mix enough for how many passes you want and it keeps it at a controlled temp.
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