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Astra Superior Stainless (Blue) vs Superior Platinum (Green)

Which Astra blade to you prefer? Secondly, how many shaves do you use your favored blade for?

  • Superior Stainless (Blue); 1 shave

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I didn't used to like SPs because there were bad batches several years ago(pictures). After buying several single packs throughout last year, I have now acquired 300. Still have 90 something of those nasty ones, still nasty. Anyway, the two blades are different enough that it's hard to pick because it can be razor dependant. For the razors that I use most, I prefer SPs, but I still have a lot of SSs left from my 100 pack. The newest SPs are sharp enough finally and very forgiving, they also make an enjoyable sound in my Blackbird!


I shaved a fortune
I had my very first wet shave with a Astra SP green... but in a Lupo Aluminum... I haven't used one since but I'll eventually try one in another razor. The son that got me into wet shaving gave me 100 of the... 99 Astra blades on the wall.... 99 Astra blades. <eg> :devil:
I may revisit the SS in my GC, but they really left me with a lot of noticable burn, bumps and weepers when I tried them in the Henson mild. They were the only one where my wife commented "Whoa, that's a lot of carnage..." after the shave.
Ever since I first tried Astra SP's over 10 years ago in a blade sampler pack they have been one of my core go to blades that consistently works really well for me in every razor I own. The Astra SS also works well for me but the SP's seem a tad smoother and I can easily get 10+ three pass shaves from them.
Green in the lead, 13 to 10! But it really does show that it's pretty close. I've read that the Blues are sharper...and therefore it makes sense that it dulls faster?
I'd have to do with the SP out of the two. The SS left me with terrible razor burn and bumps. It was the only blade that made my wife comment "whoa! that's some carnage"
I've never used the SS. I've used the SP for a couple decades as the only blade I've used as a daily shaver. I change out blades on the 1st and 15th and sometimes not if I forget what day it is right away. I did one blade in February and about the 20th shave it wasn't as nice but was fine with some more aggressive razors.

TLDR, I voted SP 5+
I, like a couple other gents here, have used the SP for a number of years after making the choice from a sample pack.

I believe the time has come to get another sample pack to see of the aging face would benefit from a blade change.
But, until then, it's an SP
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