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Astra SS

These blades don't seem to get much love here. I have used one in an EJDE89, Merkur 37C, and LC New the last three days, and I have to say, they are a pretty good blade. I got much better results from these than their often-mentioned brother, the SP. Does anyone else like/dislike/use these blades?
They're my primary blade at the moment. A month into my DE shaving career I bought 200 Astra SS on ebay. I will say that as my technique has improved over the months, and I've revisited the SP out of curiosity, my initial impression that the SS were the better blade for me has reversed, and I find I now get better results from the SP. The difference is pretty slight, however, so I'm well contented to shave out the 188 SS I have left before opening the 100 pack of SP I have, heh.
Tried them in my R41, not even close to SP ones, every shave ended with blood. I have another pack of 5 that I need to try in R106.
I find the SP to be significantly sharper and smoother than the SS. However, the SS is a good solid performing blade. Although not a top tier blade in my opinion, its decent qualities are maintained for up to 4 shaves in a slim adjustable.
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