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Astra SP quality issues?

I always thought Astra SP blades were somewhat harsh. The Gillette 7O’Clock SharpEdge trumps it. So does Astra Superior Stainless.

IMO the Astra SS is sharper and smoother than Astra SP. Astra SP longevity may be better. YMMV
I agree with you regarding the Astra SS being sharper and smoother.

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They are the exact same blade. Gillette has gone from dark printing to faint etching in many of their blades. Astra SP was one of the first to be changed over and it threw a lot of people for a loop, which surfaced in the Amazon comments. But at this point Platinums, Yellows, and many others have gone through the same cosmetic change.

Assuming counterfeiting of Astras exists at all, getting etched ones makes it much more likely that the blades are legit, since the etching is new and harder to counterfeit and the crooks haven't had time to copy the etching yet.

Tempest in a teapot, imho.
I have both printed and laser etched blades and can’t tell the difference. I do think the laser etched blades look better, although that is not an important aspect of the blades.
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