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ASTRA SP blades PiF

Hope all is well with U and your families. As some of U know my favorite DE blades are the Astra SP. I have tried several DE blades but I always go back to the Astra SP. I wanted to share the Astra Love to any DE newbie who has joined B&B since since June 1, 2012.

Qualifications for the Astra Love PiF:

Joined B&B since June 1, 2012

Never purchased a 100 pack of Astras

Winner must post his/hers review of the Astra SP after using it

Just say... "Give me some of that Astra love" and you will be qualified to possibly win the Astra Love PiF. The winner will win Fifty Astra SP blades. There will be two winners. CONUS only. The 2 winners will be announced on Tuesday Night, July 17, 2012 between 10pm-1130pm. Deadline will be Monday 11:59pm, Monday night, July 16, 2012.

Don't forget if you qualify... you must say... "Give me some of that Astra love".:thumbup:

That is a very generous offer for the new guys. They are a good forgiving blade, great for anyone starting out. I have a nice stockpile of over 400 of them, it is nice to find a great blade at .08 a blade, so count me out.
Give me some of that Astra love.

Thank you for doing this great PIF!

I have not used the Astra, yet. I am in the process of establishing my routine since beginning my DE journey recently. I would like to try them.

My first post.
In Australia, so I don't count, but I'm loving that Astra love already. Just seem to be exactly what I'm looking for in a blade (got a 5 pack in a cased Aristocrat I bought from here)
Deadline effective as of last night 11:59 pm. I will be announcing the two winners of the "give me some of that Astra love" PiF tonight between 10:00pm-11:30pm. Stay tuned.

The two winners for the "Give me some of that Astra love" PiF are...



Congrats! Each has won 50 Astra SP blades. Just PM me your name and address and I will mail if off.

I recently revisited astras in my fatboy set on 5 and they worked great. Much better than in my tech or de89l. Will probably order 100 pack sometime.
I wanted to say that I'm on my third shave from my first Astra blade - Using a Merkur 1904. It is by far the best blade I've used so far (Derby, Merkur, Wilkinsons, Feather, Astra). I got a near perfect shave with only a small nick that was my own fault. I think 3 shaves is its limit, but so far this is the best blade yet. Still have Crystal and Personna Red left to try from my sample pack.
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