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FS Assorted fine vintage DE’s

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I have decided to sell off parts of my very core collection. Please see descriptions and all pictures for condition and let me know if you need more. First photo shows the razors with my note as proof of my ownership.

Near offers considered. First buyer to PM full buy commitment gets. Buyer owns shipping risk. I am in Europe/EU. Standard worldwide shipping with tracking starts at 20 EUR. I only ship tracked and carefully wrapped in solid box.

Thanks for looking.

1950s Aida Open Style (Gillette Aristocrat 4th gen clone, Japan) - 130 EUR
This razor is a must-have for the collector of British Aristocrats as the AIDA Open Style Razor is a fascinating Aristocrat 4th generation clone. Made in Japan probably in the late 1950s or early 60s, material is nickel plated brass. Engraved back baseplate ‘Aida’, ‘Made in Japan’, and ‘Open style’ as well as engraved bottom of TTO knob with ‘Open’ and an arrow to show the direction to twist.

The visual similarities to a 4th generation Aristocrat are stunning. Even in hand and during the shave this razor feels exactly like it’s Gillette ‘twin’, the weight is the same, 72 grams vs 73 grams for the Aristocrat. It is built like a tank and delivers a perfectly smooth shave identical to the 4th generation Crat. This is one of only two specimens I ever saw, and she is in great condition.

1957 Gillette Flare Tip Rocket Travel set - 130 EUR
Fully matched set in superb condition incl. correct dispenser and manual.

1940s(?) Olyfa full original set (France) - 105 EUR
French Olyfa set complete with original blades still in cellophane. Fine mild shaver with awesome looks. Never saw a set in this condition.

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