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Ask skklog

Dear skkklog,

Why do hotdogs come in packages of ten, but hotdog buns come in packages of eight? Is pi involved?

Thanks in advance,
Q: Sir, I beg your pardon, but I happen to be in need of some advice. You see, as chaps go, I am unfortunate on two fronts...in the first, I have chosen poorly in regards to career. To wit, I seek my fortune as a buckaneer. My secondary issue revolves around my intellect, a department in which unfortunately I am sorely lacking. Both of these facts have lead me and my associates to spend our days engaged in acts of piracy, be they gross theft or trespass. I grow rather tired of this lifestyle, and the accoutrements that go with it, particularly in head wear. Can you perhaps recommend an outstanding haberdashery wherein I may purchase something more socially acceptable? I wish to cultivate a more genteel, scholarly, and urbane air...perhaps something in a sable hat? I am also interested in gleaning your insight regarding dairy based comestibles. I hear that there is a particularly grand form of what I believe is called "cheese", in the modern vernacular. Is this true? If so, are there any styles of said..."cheese" that you perchance could recommend? I thank you for your time and consideration, and it is my fondest with that you consider me a friend, and not a vulgar cur. All the best to you and yours.

A: As for your career, I’d recommend tiring a street flasher.
All you need to do is buy (is you don’t have one) a trench coat, so theirs no real overhead.

As for your intelligence, this career will help with this to, you will meet new people every day and so will pick up new things all the time.

As for your food, I don’t think cheese is for you, it tens to block stuff up (and you strike me as someone who has difficulty with this)
I think RC cola and moon pies are more for you.

Hope this has been of help.
Q: 1) What is your quest?
2) What is your favorite color?

A: #1 To give all my wisdom
#2 black

Hope this has been of help.
Q: Why do hotdogs come in packages of ten, but hotdog buns come in packages of eight?

A: This dates back to the 1200’s, when King Joyakm the 3 ate a meat tube.
The king was overjoyed, so ate and ate them till he got sick.
One day the king decreed that if any one could come up with a way to eat them with out getting sick, he would give 1000 pieces of silver, well one day a man named John Bun came up with the meat tube buns
(Named after himself) the king like it so much, he not only gave him the silver but 1000 pieces of gold too, and asked him to make a recipe for the buns

John Bun made the recipe for the king, and it made enough for eight buns.
But the recipe for the meat tubes could make ten.
When the king whet looking for John Bun to fix this, no one could find him. So to this day hotdogs come in packages of ten, and hotdog buns come in packages of eight.

No one know what happen to John Bun, some think he was killed to stop the king from being happy, but this is only speculation.

Hope this has been of help.


Moderator Emeritus

Let this thread be your last, cheddar eaters! Ye shall be hunted down like the land lubbers ye are, be made to grow beards and then walk the plank!


Let this thread be your last, cheddar eaters! Ye shall be hunted down like the land lubbers ye are, be made to grow beards and then walk the plank!

Give the guy (and us) a break. He's a new cheddarite and not yet fully familar with the way of cheesy righteousness.
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Q: Why?

Dear writer

A: This is difficult to explain.
You see, if what was did not, it could not be, so it would have to
become what it's not. And this is not possible, so, what was has to be
what it is, but of course it is, so what is, is.But you can not
compare what was to what is, if you did, then what was would seem to
be what it can't be. And that's also not possible. It may seem that
what was, is what is, but if that was so, life would not be. You have
to understand the difference between the two, if you don't you will
never understand the difference. To simplify this, what was, is not
what could be, but in fact is what could be the end. And what is, is
not the same as what could be expected, but is the same as what you
would expect.So of course you can not expect all of what was be it at
all. If you do, you will never be happy.
I could go in more detail, but by now you pretty much have it.

I hope this has been of help to you!
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