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Ashford.com 11% off ALL orders.

any chance of price adjust? i just bought something less than a week ago

they dont have the item even there anymore, should i try?
You can try, but I doubt you'll receive any adjustment. To do so would open them up to mass inquiries for the same thing, and could become a legal liability. There are starting and cut-off dates for a reason. It's no different than if you buy a gallon of milk tonight for $2.98, and the same store offers it tomorrow for $2.28. They will just allow you to buy more milk at the discounted price, not offer a refund.

guenron said:
My Gawd man! Talk about advanced stages?:lol:

This man is beyond that, thats not even close he needs to go to one of those meetings of the AWSA clubs.

Anti Wetshavers Association...

Everybody say hello to Scotto !

" Hi Scotto ! "

Scotto stands up and says " Hi im Scotto and im a proud Wetshaver "

Counselor to Scotto "tell us a bit about your weekends ?

Scotto " well I have had a blast I only had 150 Derby's which is enough to shave for 2 years almost I just had to order that Fatherdays special to make sure if I come across a blunt blade I have some back up, do you want me to tell you guys about the 11% discount I took advantage off Oh Puuuleeease I still had an unopend package but I mean come ON ! 11% (Scotto thinking by himself if it was a 4% discount id do the same but lets not tell these people!)

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