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FS Asano Stamped Nagura Set/Rare NOS Colombi Straight/NOS 1584g Asagi

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Here’s a 3-piece Asano Stamped Mikawa Shiro Nagura Set; Botan, Tenjyou and Mejiro.These are the real deal - there are counterfeit Nagura out there, so I go waaaay out of my way to ensure that what I'm buying is authentic. I test each piece as they come in and I match each Nagura to the others in the set; I start out with a big box and little by slowly I put 3 piece sets together. I match each one carefully so each piece in the finished set is known to work well with the others in a progression.

Approximate specifications

Botan - 84 g
Tenjyou - 97 g
Mejiro - 65 g

Price 100.00 shipped CONUS only

I imported this piece from an old Barber Shop in Italy. It seems to be from around 1930-1940. It comes with the original coffin box that is in MINT condition. Beautiful Tortoise scales and a round point.
Not only is the box in mint condition this razor seems to have the original edge, no hone wear and what I would consider mint condition. Minus some finger prints. This is a high quality Solingen German made razor. Oddly enough you can't seem to find any of them even on Google. I didn't mess with the edge. It's safe to say this razor has never been used. So I sanitized, photographed, lightly polished the side with no writing.

Price 100.00 shipped CONUS only

NOS 1584g BigSize super finishing Natural Whetstone Kyoto(Syohonyama)Asagi.
Product : All Natural Whetstone Kyoto (SYOHONYAMA)

Origin : Made in JAPAN (Kyoto area)
Condition : NOS
Size : Length  210mm(MAX)
Width 75mm(MAX)
Depth 40mm(MAX)
Weight 1584g

Price 100.00 shipped CONUS only
Tha Asano set, Colombi and Jnat the descriptionis how they were described when i bought them.
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