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Asafoetida Powder

Any used ASAFOETIDA power before I know it smells really bad.


Nevermore Will Dcaddo Be.
My grandmother used to keep some around up in the medicine cabinet. I don't recall her ever using it for cooking.


I had an Indian neighbor who used it in her cooking. She made a dish with chickpeas and put that powder in it. As I recall, it had a garlicky taste. She also used it in a lentil soup.


Munted Old Cog
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I have some and yes it does smell a bit but gives Indian vegetarian dishes a lift and does not taste like it smells.
I'm quite interested in Indian cuisine and find their herbs and spices fascinating. Asafoetida is a resin that Indian people call Hing. It is quite often used when garlic and onions are unavailable in order to flavour dals and various other dishes. It is easy to use too much - less is often more. As a previous poster mentioned, it doesn't smell very nice, but it adds a lovely rich savoury note to a dish.
Indian spices are usually fried in oil which changes the raw flavor. Raw asafoetida smells foul, but once cooked it has a flavor somewhat like leeks or onions. It is used in Indian vegetarian cooking along with spices like turmeric and ginger.


Aaron Scissorhands
Noted. We are putting out our first garden this year. I've been worried about how I'll keep the critters out.
Just kidding around David. I use something like this:

But just to remember to turn it off when you approach the garden....it'll scare the heck out of you.


Aaron Scissorhands
Don’t hurt em, squirt em. Lol. That’s pretty cool thanks.
We have friendly feral cats that like to pee and poop in our raised beds. It works great except on a windy day. The wind can make it go off. The other draw back is you have to keep the water on all the time. I just turn the faucet on extra low.