AS that smells like Barbasol?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by shaversnapper, Jan 5, 2019.

    The only thing i could think snapper is possibly gilette foamy menthol i know its canned but i think its probably close.
  1. Well that's precisely what I'm trying to avoid. I love the smell of the classic Barbasol from the can, but don't want the bad stuff that comes from the canned foams and goo, so Gillette would be out.

    I just got a sample of PAA CaD the other day that at first smell if very similar. Need to give it a go.
  2. Oddly enough I was just thinking the other day that Barbasol should come out with an after shave that smells like their shave cream!
  3. Dollar General has Barbasol aftershave.
  4. yeah i think its $1.75
  5. Isn’t the dollar general like the dollar store? Wouldn’t it be.....a dollar?
  6. general it has bargains on some things that are a dollar but it basically is a higher end dollar store ranging from$1-50 dollar tree everything is a $1
  7. Does CAD smell like Fine American Blend?
  8. I can't answer that, but I can say after using the sample of CAD that I got that it does in fact smell like Barbasol original, enough so that I don't need to look any further.

    I am interested to hear someone else answer your question though.
  9. emwolf

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    The Dollar General Barbasol AS is Barbasol Brisk, which is more like a highly mentholated Skin Bracer scent. It's great and definitely worth having as part of your inexpensive aftershave collection, but I really don't think it smells like the soap. Now the Barbasol Bodywash that is at the Dollar Tree smells like Barbasol Shave Cream (to me). That is only a $1
  10. Yes, pretty much identical. Slight, slight differences. I like FAB just a bit more than CaD in terms of scent. I like CaD better in terms of "feel" because it has menthol and alum. That said, I will probably be buying FAB from now on.

  11. cant beat a dollar deals!
  12. Fine American Blend is very close to Barbasol AS.... excellent stuff!
  13. If you are looking for a cologne strength scent then Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Pour Homme, and Paco Rabanne Pour Homme are excellent
  14. If Barbasol would take the time to present the other company with a “CaD”, then what the heck, give us your version of a Barbasol cream scented after shave! The time would seem to be right with the resurgence of old school shaving, not to mention Barbasol’s own old school retooling of their classic can of shave cream. I know I would buy it!
  15. they just opened a dollar general and a Dollar tree in my little town. will check it out
  16. cool!
  17. i might be wrong, but i think Fine American Blend is meant to replicate the classic Barbasol scent.
  18. intriguing!
  19. Its actually their take on YSL Rive Gauche, like the chap above said.

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