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Arturo Fuente King T Rosado

Has anyone tried one of these? I've got two of them in my box, and I'm wondering if they fall into the "special occasion" category. Mixed reviews online...
I had a couple years ago. It was pretty good, but not my idea of a special occasion cigar. Smoke one, and if you absolutely love it, save the other for something special. If you don't like it or think it's only meh, you've got a great gift or a good herf smoke. What do you normally like?
I usually smoke Maduros, and I've had good luck with Arturo Fuente in that department. I've been a cigar smoker for a while, but am just now starting to explore some new stuff and I have a humidor filled with a bunch if nice sticks that I've never heard of. An old friend turned me onto Cohibas, caos, Ashtons, and montecristos a long time ago, and while there's nothing wrong with them, I'm finding some smaller shops that I like.
I have a humidor filled with a bunch if nice sticks that I've never heard of.

Sounds like fun! I've never been the biggest Fuente fan, although I'm working through a box of Hemingway short stories that I like. The double chateau maduros were good, and even the 8-5-8s back in the day. As far as maduros go, have you tried any Nicaraguans? Where it's at. . . Oliva, Padron, Perdomo are good stuff. Some of the more budget-priced Perdomos are iffy, but virtually everything from the other two are well worth trying. Enjoy your exploration!
I probably smoked more Double chateau Maduros than any other cigar, last year. I have smoked An Oliva, and enjoyed it, but if couldn't tell you which one. Thanks for the recommendations
Thanks! I'm a big Thompson fan. I dabbled in journalism for a while, inspired by his work.

currently smoking the King T, and it's a great cigar. I'm not sure if I'd buy more, though. I'll take one and a half (or 1.333, if you want to be exact) double chateau maduros next time. Or maybe someHemingways!
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