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FS Artisan pipe set by Neil Monier

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For your consideration today is a trio of artisan smoking pipes from US artisan Neil Monier, who goes by "garagemadepipetool" on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/p/BOgB5SZAOHs/)

I originally was working toward a 7 day set of commissions with this particular appearance - black rustication, deep red stain, and faux ivory bands - but my smoking habits have changed and been significantly reduced.

These are great looking and wonderful smokers, but they are gathering dust on my rack. I would strongly prefer to sell these as a set, and my price reflects that, but I will break them up!

The 3 pipes are:

  1. Pencil-shanked pot
    1. Commissioned for $135, smoked lightly, in excellent shape with slight rim darkening
  2. Pencil-shanked lovat
    1. Commissioned for $135, smoked very lightly, in excellent shape
  3. Hawkbill
    1. Commissioned for $170, unsmoked and in perfect condition
    2. At the time I commissioned this, it was the only hawkbill that Neil had ever made. It may still be

Pipes 1.jpg

Pipes 2.jpg

I would like to sell the lovat and the pot for $110 shipped individually, and the hawkbill for $140. However, I will let the whole set go for a round $300 shipped.

I will ship these internationally (From Minnesota, US) for an additional fee. Payment via Paypal. I am open to reasonable offers. Please post or message me with any questions!
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