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    Apologies but I've only ever seen the EdC, if it exists as an aftershave splash then I stand corrected
  1. The EdC is sold as an EdC/aftershave.
    Both Alt Innsbruck and Florida Water are EdC's (which is why I mentioned them), but they're also classic aftershaves. As a matter of fact, the range of Fine Accoutrements aftershaves was an attempt to duplicate Alt Innsbruck EdC in different scents, just as their soaps were meant to duplicate Tabac in different scents.

    The line between traditional EdC's, EdT's, and AS's isn't as rigid as modern convention would have you believe.

    Strictly speaking, the only true EdC is 4711 anyway (which was used as an aftershave long before they marketed the "aftershave" version).
  2. Australian Private Reserve has several fougeres, its performance on the skin is top notch. Currently, at Maggards:
    APR Fougere bourbon Rose. To me is like a fougere with cologne notes, very classic, not really floral
    APR General Ledger. This is a fougere. To me, less green and brigth than B&M reserve fern or Chatyllon Lux TSM fougere
    APR Coeur de Vert. Based on the fasmous Mousse de Saxe (like B&M beadulaire), is green and delicious.
    APR Fougere trois. It is on the mail, so I have not sniffed yet, but people says very good things of it (and of the previous).
    Based on what you said, General Ledger may be a good choice if you want to try this brand.
  3. Unfortunately Top of the Chain stopped carrying APR and I don't know of anywhere I can order their aftershaves in Canada (products with alcohol don't ship internationally)
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    One of my favorite fougeres is Maol Grooming Heliopteris. Its scent is difficult to describe, and unlike any other fougere in my den (MdC, Brut, Wholly Kaw Fougere Parfaite, etc.). No other alcohol-based aftershave in my den provides a better face feel. And it's made by a very nice fellow in Ontario, and is stocked at Top of the Chain.
  5. Yep I have that one and like it

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