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    Hi all, for my next bottle of aftershave I'm thinking a fougere, something with decent skin nourishing ingredients. Was wondering if anybody can offer their feedback.

    The ones that have caught my eye so far:
    Black Ship Grooming - Philip's Fougere
    Mickey Lee - Reunion
    Stirling - Varen
    Chatillon Lux - La Foret de Liguest
    Barrister & Mann - Reserve Fern

    Open to other suggestions. Doesn't have to be a pure fougere, I love interesting scents. Prefer nothing too bright/sweet or too floral (lots of florals in my collection already).

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  1. You ever try Barrister and Mann's Reserve aftershaves?

    All the benefits of an artisan splash, but no sting.

    At $20/bottle the price is a bit steep, but Reserve Fern pairs great with any fougere fragrance.
  2. I haven't tried any of B&M reserves yet but they've caught my eye. None of the scents seem overwhelmingly original which is the main reason I don't own 1 yet (Fern for example is based on an 130 year old fragrance). $20/bottle is not that bad and matches most artisan AS in my experience (certainly all my favourites cost around that much)
  3. A poster on another site where I asked this question says the B&M fern is very lavender-forward
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    Welcome to B&B, Sir Ghost!!

    At some point, you should try out Penhaligon's English Fern, hard to find but a classic fougere!!
    Also, Sir Irisch Moos aftershave is readily available!

    sir irisch moos simpson chubby weber penhaligon english fern may 10 2017.jpg
  5. I have become a true lover of Stirling Varen. I have both the shave soap and the AS and enjoy them equally. I stumbled across this scent through curiosity while making an order. It was a new scent, and not one I would ever normally try, or even think I would like based on the scent description, but those shave samples at Stirling can be so irresistible.

    Glad I gave it a shot. I really love the scent!
  6. I really love Chatillon Lux’s TSM Fougere
  7. I heard that one is very bright smelling which is why I was looking at Foret de Liguest instead. Can you describe your impression of the scent?
  8. I'm still waiting for Top of the Chain to get Varen samples in stock!
  9. Long Rifle Voyageur
    Stirling Baker Street
    I rather enjoy an unscented aftershave like witch hazel chased with a spritz of Canoe.
  10. I haven’t tried Foret yet, but I don’t think of the TSM Fougere as an overly bright/citrusy scent. For me I get a good amount of violet and oakmoss which I like, but that might be a result of the soaps I tend to use it with... now I feel like I need to go back and use it again soon to re-evaluate
  11. I quite enjoy TSM Fougere, but the adjective bright does not come to mind.

    I am skeptical of trying to put scents into words (an effort akin to "dancing about architecture"), so I'll just say that I own both TSM (soap, AS) and LFdL (balm, AS, EDT); both are excellent scents. You won't go wrong either way.
  12. I just tried the Varen soap/splash today for the first time. Really interesting scent, to me its kindof a mix of 2 other fougere-y scents I have: Mystic Water vetiver & oakmoss, and Chatty Lux TSM fougere. I got vetiver right off the bat, then musky florals, then sharp fern took over for a while. Pretty good longevity on the aftershave and it reactivates a little with a light splash of water on the face. I'm definitely looking forward to trying this one out more, might pick up an EDT too if they're still available.
  13. Since posting last, I've tried Chatillon Lux La Foret De Liguest, Mickey Lee Cape Verde, Black Ship Grooming Phillip's Fougere and Purely Skinful Fougere Mysterieuse. They are all nice but the last two are my favourites. Fougere Mysterieuse unfortunately has a pretty weak scent, and only a matching balm (no splash)
  14. Really excited. Fougere Gothique coming soon to Maggard. Fourgere Angelique as well.
  15. Ad Astra

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    Alpa Fougere, if you can get it.

    Love the stuff.

  16. Wholly Kaw has a couple of great ones - Fougere Bouquet and La Fougere Parfaite. These are both in the fougere family, but different enough that owning both wouldn't be redundant.
  17. WSP Fougere Noir...and Drakkar clone.
  18. that's neither artisan nor an aftershave
  19. It certainly is an aftershave, as much as Alt Innsbruck or Florida Water are (both classic aftershaves).

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