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Art of Shaving Tubs

I'm curious about something. I would wait and find out for myself the answer to this, as I currently have 2 nearly full tubs, but the suspense is killing me.

AOS creams seem fairly dense in the tub and are 5oz tubs (now). When sitting next to my TOBS Lemon/Lime (5.3 oz), the AOS tubs seem so much larger, almost twice the size. Do the AOS tubs have a false bottom to make you think you are getting more than you really are? Or is there a density difference in the creams that amounts for the difference in tub size?
Both. The AOS tubs have an inner and outer wall, if I remember correctly, and the TOBS creams use a single wall container, and are denser as well. I think AOS chose that tub based on packaging/marketing considerations, no other reason. I doubt anyone at AOS said "Hey, lets go with the black #68 double-wall, it looks so much bigger than the TOBS container!"
there is a false bottom on there. some sort of double-walled thing. as far as density i have no idea. but the art of shaving creams are just awesome.
The AOS tub also has a slightly curved bottom, so the SC doesn't get stuck in the groove between the wall and the bottom.
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