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Art Of Shaving Sandalwood question

The sandalwood question is coming, but first…
OMG WOW!!!!!! AoS Oud suede!!!
The scent, the strength, the longevity! And I mean I got this stuff well under half off on the Ebays! I got the preshave cream and balm as well. I got a partial tub in trade, and I was hooked! I also got a full size sandalwood set coming I picked up for just 22 bucks!
Now comes the question, as good as Oud suede is, I’ve been told sandalwood and cypress is even better. Has anyone had them both, and am I being redundant if I get the sandalwood to? How close are they? I picked up the Oud for 25, but the sandalwood is 50!😲
The Sandalwood is different than most other Sandalwoods IMO. The Cypress is strong. See if you can get to an AOS store and spray a sample to see.
Just got the full size kit of sandalwood with a brush off eBay for just 22.95 shipped! And it was fresh and in great shape! And the fragrance, just WOW!!!
I know it’s usually expensive, but with so much being liquidated on eBay I’m amazed I don’t see more chatter about it, really great software, though incredibly overpriced at full retail.
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