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Art Of Shaving Brush Manufacture

I have the 100% silvertip badger from Art of Shaving. I had to return my first one due to hairs leaving at a fast pace, the second one has only shed 1 hair in about 30 shaves. I like the feel of the brush and so does my son. I am curious, who is the manufacture of the brushes sold by AoS? I need to expand my collection.....actually start my collection....

I believe that they are made by Muhle. At least the knots are supplied by Muhle.

At present, this is consistent with what I've read. There have been AOS brushes made by Plisson, but you wouldn't generally catch them in a starter kit. Genuine horn, high-mountain badger, etc.
Interesting. Thanks for the lead. I did not get this brush in a starter set, but my wife surprised me by spending $$$ to get me a top of the line brush from AoS. Yes, she spent way too much, but the brush is VERY nice. Very soft, but I have found that it can be hard to load it with MWF if I don't soak the soap in water first.

Thanks for the tip.
Muhle silvertips are very soft and luxurious but are considered a little floppy by some. I've had two. It takes a little longer to pick up soaps with them but workable. Very effective bowl lathering, not so hot face lathering. They apply the lather best with paint brush strokes.
A quality brush.

Plisson stopped making brushes for AOS over a year ago.
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