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Armani and Tom Ford Scents

I went scent hunting today with my Dad and Son. I found a huge array of Tom Ford(the entire private collection), Creed(16 "Masculine" scents), and Armani(the Neiman Marcus Private Collection) scents along with some others I have been trying to decide about. Today I found a few from the ARMANI/PRIVĒ collection that I really enjoyed:
  • Vétiver D'Hiver
  • Ambre Eccentrico
  • Myrrhe Impériale
And came home with a few samples to take for a spin:
  • Vétiver Babylone
  • Bois D'Encens
  • Ambre Eccentrico
  • Myrrhe Impériale
It was fun, but now I am nose blind.

The Amber, Myrrh, and Vetiver D'Hiver from Armani were great. I found these by surprise and didn't really know they existed, much less expect to run across them.
The Ombre Leather, Tuscan Leather, Noir, and Noir Extreme from Tom Ford passed with high marks
. These have been in my cross-hairs for a while, but Ombre was the only one I found back home. This was a great discovery.
Chanel does well with Bleu de Chanel Parfum, Allure EDP, and Allure Sport EDP, and does really well when comparing the cost with the TF & Armani scents. At a third of the cost, the Chanel is really appealing, but the scents from Chanel are pretty different than the TF & Armani scents.

Does anyone else have opinions about these?
The Chanel's you mention have terrible performance from my experience.
Same for Noir Extreme. Ive owned it but sold it for that reason.
If you like amber, you should try Tom Ford Amber Absolute, a remarkable fragrance with nuclear longevity...and price (its just been reissued with a stupid price tag, get a 10ml decant).
Best Creed IMO is Bois Du Portugal, very refined, mature and lasts all day.
Tom Ford's I can recommend are Tobacco Vanille, Oud Wood and Tobacco Oud.
From the fragrances you mention you also might like Amouage Interlude Man, aka The Blue Beast.
Thanks. I have read that the Bleu de Chanel EDT & EDP performed poorly, but I have found the Parfum to do much better. Have you used the Parfum too?
Tom Ford’s Costa Azzurra barely lasted 1/2 the day. I tried the Noir, but not the Extreme, but it didn’t really stand out. The scents are both great, but I hoped for some longevity and sillage. I plan on trying the Oud Wood or one of the Armani/Prive scents today.
Sounds like you got some great ones. Did you get your nose on Armani Rose d'Arabie? That is my favorite from that line. I like the Chanels you mention, but not as much as some of the Tom Fords. I agree their pricing is a little ridiculous, so you may want to seek out decants. All of the ones mentioned so far are great. Also, I agree with @pkdick about Bois du Portugal. Just fantastic.
I didn’t get to smell Rose or Portugal, just those from the Private Collection at La Cantera NM(San Antonio).
It looks like I have a goal before we head back to East Texas.
Armani Prive and TF Private Blend are very high quality....pick any one you fancy.

My fave TF is Tuscan Leather....a little goes a long way.

For Armani Prive I like Our Royale and Cuir Noir.

Another label I recommend highly is Maison Francis Kurkdjian....Twisted Lily hs a sampler pack
with 6-8 frags....15 ml each...not cheap but gives you a good idea. I like all his stuff which is
very rare for me.

Im also loving Memo Tiger's Nest these days...a very classy incense and floral creation
No experience with Armani anything.
I do wear BDC parfum regularly. I also have the EDP, and the AS splash.
Recently, several sample vials of the Tom Ford stuff - Ombre, TL, and Oud Wood, have been on deck. Right now, I have OW first on the list, but it's hard to say definitively.
The frags are all very good. As for 'performance' - I get better projection and longevity with BDC, I put it on at 6 AM today, and I still get a nosefull when I am moving around though house - it's almost 9:30 PM now. I love BDC - so glad I found it and was able to make the investment.
The sample of Oud Wood is fresh on miy mind - I don't get even 6 hr with it. Sure, skin-level at 6-9 hr but it's only really perceptible to me at that point. Early on it's grand.. The TL has a fruity thing at first, Ombre gets me a peppery leather. All good, priced as you'd expect. I may pick up a real bottle of Oud Wood in the future, but because I am sensing more leather than wood I may go for one more sample to be sure.
I ended up wearing Oud Wood yesterday and it stayed with me really well, even into the morning and my run.
Yesterday, while at NM I was able to get some background and a greater understanding of TF, Privé Armani, and Creed scents. Most of my samples, it turns out, are the oil, the parfum, not an EDP or even EDT. This is helps me understand how the scent lasts so well. The citrus oils are more delicate and don’t quite have the staying power of some of the other notes.
Fortunately I have kept track of what medium the scent has been in as I’ve received the sample. As such, I’ll try to coordinate my notes on the variety of scents based on media. It’s been a great experience so far.
In the end, I'm a huge fan of the Armani Myrrhe Impériale. What I need is to find a couple of people interested in doing a split!
Are there any shaving creams that match
  • Ambre Eccentrico
  • Myrrhe Impériale
Also looking for Vétiver Babylone and Bois D'Encens, but not at the same level as the other 2 from Armani.
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and Ombre Leather get very high marks from me. The performance from both is excellent on my skin and like Tester28 said about the Tuscan Leather a little goes a long way. If you like any of the Tom Ford Private Blend collection and are able to get them via a discount retailer website - which is what I did with Tuscan Leather - it's a worthy investment.

I'm not keen on Bleu de Chanel. I just don't find it interesting but then I'm a big fan of Égoïste. As regards Allure I find Allure Pour Homme - https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Chanel/Allure-Pour-Homme-523.html - and Allure Pour Homme Edition Blanche EDP perform really well. I'm not that keen on the Allure Pour Homme Sport scent and my father wears it ALL the time so I deliberately wear something more overpowering to drown it out when I meet up with him!

If you ever get the opportunity I'd really recommend sampling Chanel's Les Exclusifs range, particularly Sycomore.
I was given Bleu de Chanel as a gift and think it is pretty good, although I prefer Chanel's Egoiste, Antaeus, and Sycomore. All of these have acceptable duration for me, 6+ hours.

I have several Tom Wood fragrances - Oud Wood, Grey Vetiver, and Extreme. The scents are truly outstanding, but the duration of all of them is poor, 2-3 hours. It is hard to justify their sky-high prices with such poor performance, in my opinion.

In case you aren't already aware of this, there are many internet retailers that sell samples of almost every fragrance. Many department stores also offer free samples of fragrances they sell. I highly recommend trying a sample before spending a lot on a full bottle. Unfortunately, Chanel seems to have a policy against allowing samples of its products to be distributed through internet retailers, but they are available at its stores and department stores.
I have a bottle of TF Noir. I like it, but I haven't found occasion to wear it yet, other than around the house. I'm not sure how the gf is going to react to it. Might be too powdery. It's floral, but mature and... different for sure.