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Arko Works Better In a Shaving Mug

I was finally able to 3017 one of my apothecary mug soaps and replaced it with a stick of Arko molded into puck form. It was easy to reform the stick into a puck after placing it in a plastic bag and warming it a bit in hot water. I pushed the stick ends it a rough loop and then applied pressure after placing it into the mug to get a smooth puck-like surface. Prior to this I used the Arko in stick form or in my blends.

While Arko does work well as a stick I've found that it's even easier to load and build lather with it now that I'm using it as a mug soap puck. Loading is really fast and since it blooms so much I build a really wet proto lather in the mug (under 30 seconds) and then to face lather where the soap quickly grows into a rich and slick lather for shaving. The soap works well with my synthetic plissoft brushes. No need for a stiffer boar as will my Williams or Mitchell's Wool Fat. Another benefit, for those who have issues with the aroma, is that in an open mug the scent dissipates and what remains in the lather is at a moderate level and something I find pleasant.

Have others found that they prefer to use Arko as a puck versus a stick? Please share you experience.
Yes. I was unhappy with my Arko shaves until I started using it like a puck. I use a lot more soap now, and I've found it really works well that way.
I used up my old puckified stick so I replaced it with an actual Arko puck. Both performed the same in this manner but buying a puck saved me the nuisance of have to puckify the stick. I don't care to use shaving sticks at all.
I agree. I recently was out of town for a week and face lathered with an Arko stick. It was ok but I get better lather when I bowl lather it. I have pushed a stick into the bottom of my Old Spice mug for use at home.

Currently, I throw 2 arko sticks in a bowl and I load my brush that way, building lather on my face. I know it is pliable. I would not grate it, but might press it into shape if needed to.

It is extremely inexpensive and works well from the bowl. When traveling I rub the stick on my face, so that I need not tote a bowl. When traveling, the stick fits in a medicine bottle.
I believe this is how Turkish barbers do it themselves. Barber Turko on YT for one had a video showing how to puckify a stick into a shaving bowl.

I have an arko stick mushed in an old shave soap tub and load from the tub, though i'd be perfectly happy keeping it in stick form also. If you use a stick every day the soap comes off pretty easily. A tub or a mug is just one more thing in the den collecting dust and gunk that inevitably needs to be washed.
My first Arko stick was pressed into an Old Spice mug. Most of it is still there, since my second Arko stick converted me to face lathering. I now stickify all my pucks.
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