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    I recently added Arko shave soap to one of my maggards purchases to try it out for the first time. I have dozens of artisanal soaps and some of the classic mass production soaps, but I usually stick to artisanal. I needed to add a few bucks to get free shipping and I’ve wanted to try Arko so I added it. The scent is disgusting to my nose. Off the puck and lathered there is a strong industrial cleaner scent reminiscent of a urinal cake. Scent aside the performance for me is absolutely awesome. I love the protection slickness and most of all the post shave feel. I have only used it 3 times now but every time is fantastic. The scent keeps me from using it. Any others out there feel the same way?
  1. I think many would agree with you. Me included. Store the stick in open air, the scent will calm down a bit.
  2. The scent will dissipate quickly leaving it out and open. I’m one of the crazy ones that loves it though. It just smells like soap to me and the performance is exceptional.

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  3. For industrial cleaner scent I much prefer the Godrej shave round.
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    Anyone can smell amazing with all the cologne and traditional scented soaps available...BUT...smelling like an institutional urinal cake will make you stand out from the crowd!! Be the trend setter!!
  5. While most scents can grow on you with use, that isn't a smell I want growing on me. ;)

    TBOT, I've lathered with it once and thought the lather was great. The scent isn't unpleasant to me, just the association of the scent to other products. I'll actually be shaving with it in around a week.
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    Yup, that's Arko. :)

    The best thing is that the scent goes away, but the performance stays. Air it out.
  7. Yeah, great performance, but not a fun/interesting/pleasant scent
  8. I didn't mind the scent so much but didn't feel like it was a good protective soap. I prefer Cella as it works better for my face.
  9. Roy


    Only recently tried Arko. One of the few soaps which don't irritate my face. Maybe this is due to no added perfumes or essential oils. A great soap and scent just an honest soap one.
  10. One man's urinal cake another man's smell of comfort? Did I just say that!? :) Yes, I really enjoy the scent of Arko. I open the tub when I'm in the bathroom just to smell it. It smells clean and refreshing to me. But that's just the subjective nature of olfactory stimulation I guess. Clearly enough people around the world like it since it's a top seller and still in production. But it's not for everyone. I hear the same about Tabac but I have yet to take a whiff of that one. But hey, now you've got a puck of soap that you can give away to a friend just starting out with wet shaving :)
  11. The toilet where I work smells like Pinaud Clubman not Arko
  12. Most everyone agrees that Argo performs!! :a14::a14:

    The only question is the scent, which mellows out after 6 months or so.
  13. I keep a few sticks of Arko around as I like it.
    Did an entire month of using Arko stick for August. Will probably do it again next year.
  14. Same here.

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  15. Arko smells like Ivory soap to me. I guess some people have a hyper sense of smell.
  16. Is the stick the same scent as the soap in the dish? I have the soap in the dish. It smells like grape and lemon to me. I love the way ivory smells. I do not like the scent of the soap.
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    I do not shave with soaps unless they smell like $475 French niche perfumes and include platypus fat harnessed in March, 2016 vintage exclusively. Sub $25 soaps burn my ivory face!


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  19. You cad! No gentleman would use March fat.

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