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Arko creams

Looking to pick up a tube of Arko shave cream. I know scent is very subjective, but can you recommend one that smells very light and pleasant? I tend to prefer scents like lemon, lime, lavender, etc - you get the idea. Or, just one that doesn't smell funky and nasty would suffice. Or, whatever is closest to unscented would work, too. I've smelled the Arko shave soap/croap and didn't like the scent at all, so I'd like to give the creams a go.

Maximum Comfort smells like a cross between orange and evergreen. My wife totally digs it, though she dislikes the standard stick. That's the only cream I've tried.
The soap's scent does not make its way to the creams, balms, or colognes. I use the Regular and it seems to have no scent at all.
I've used both extra sensitive and maximum comfort. Neither smells remotely like the stick. The scents are clean smelling and pretty subtle. I just sniffed the extra sensitive. I get citrus notes mixed with a savory or herby spice. Kind of corriander-ish.
No kidding! The super-lather created by mixing Arko cream and Arko stick would be super-awesome if the scents matched.
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