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Arko Cream

I mistakenly bought this as a shaving cream! The barber said it would keep my face soft all day. Great I thought!
Turns out it's a skin cream. I used a little on my face as an aftershave balm. Ouch! It was not absorbed,, and skin was shiny and felt greasy. Has anyone used this, or have ideas what it is best used for?
Not slick, but smell is not like the soap. A very pleasant smell, not soapy. It would be good if the soaps smelt as good!
I'm guessing it's the Classic cream which has a neutral scent:


All of the other Arko hand creams (see this webpage) have fruity scents.
Use a small amount. Good as a protective balm against wind/very cold weather or when you've had a very rough shave. But if you use too much, it will leave your face too shiny/oily feeling
I have this and the olive version, infact i used the olive one the other day and used too much, oily shiny face haha!
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