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Arko August 2019


Again, you guys are too kind. I enjoyed having you all enjoying Arko right along with me!
This was a great month and thank you @FoolishMortal for being our illustrious host for the month. I am going to let my set for about a week and then weigh it to see what my gram usage was for the month with mashed in a bowl. I do know it just now has a small dent in the middle.

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Arko August was great for me

I found out some useful things about my shaving routine by shaving with Arko for the entire month.

First I'm learning that Arko sticks are going to last me a while. I had around 1/3 of a full stick left, when I started. I must have gotten 26 shaves out of it this month. It only went down by half. So I'm guessing I can get over 150 shaves per stick.

Arko stick didn't cause any reactions. At one time ( a few years ago )I thought it did. But what the problem was that I was also using a facial soap. That combo with Arko gave me a terrible burnt face reaction. In fact my skin is looking even better than before I started Arko August. It was do to a face lotion I was using. Originally I thought it may be one of the soaps in my rotation. But my lotion is clogging my pores. As after trying it for after 2 shaves. I broke out with acne. Switched back to my gel and haven't had a break out since.

I enjoy shaving with stick's. I've only used Arko stick so far. But I liked face lathering for a quick work morning 2 pass shave. Loading the stick on my face and the brush for a good 3 pass and touch up's shave or even heavier on the brush for 4+ passes. Rubbing the stick in my scuttle and brush and getting excellent lather. Look forward to mug shaving with it in the future. Seems like you can slightly change up your shave routine with these sticks. I think that's why I made it through the entire month and was still enjoying my Arko shaves.

Look forward to Arko August 2020.

Thanks to foolish Mortal for organizing this. Not only have I enjoyed my Arko shaves and found out some new things. I also enjoyed reading about everyone else's Arko August.


All shaves were Arko, this month, which is usually the norm anyways. :)

Changed over to a more fall scent of Vanilla-Sandlewood from Stirling. Nice change but Arko will always have my heart.
I finally figured out I used 16g for 32 daily face/head shaves. That should equate to about 4 months of 3 pass face shaves and 3 pass head shaves, all for about $1-$1.50. So about $5 a year. You just can’t beat that.

AoM; B.O.S.S.;Knight of the Veg Table;MFR2019
A little late to chime in but I wanted to add what a great month of shaves that was. Arko mostly used to be my travel soap but it's definitely moving into the home rotation. :thumbup:
Cool to hear what your final thoughts of Arko August were.

I had about 1\3rd of an Arko stick left going into August. Did around 26 consecutive shaves with it that month.

During that period my stick went down around half. My normal shaves were 3 passes and touch up's.

So I figure an Arko stick lasts my at least a good 150 shaves if not more. For what I pay per stick. Arko costs me less than a penny a shave to use.