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    I did this last year and I was more than satisfied with the process. I learned a ton about how to get the best shaves I can from Arko and really enjoyed those shaves. Arko may be cheap, but it's a top performer, so it's definitely a "high-value" soap!

    Over the past six months, I've honed in on a nice collection of soaps that work for me (along with a few that I will try - I'm not a heretic!). I've sold some of the others, PIF'd a few more and will be finding ways to get the rest to new homes. Of course, then I went the NYC and had to stop at Pasteur and C.O. Bigelow, so the collection has grown again...whoops.

    Anyway, knowing that August was coming, I grabbed two sticks of Arko. I don't have the discipline to 3017 a soap, but I can use one for a month. In my quest to actually use up the soaps I have, that's my M.O. - one month, one soap - and August is for Arko.

    If you want to join me, just post here (or don't). Even if you just want to use Arko in August rather than for August, feel free to add a SOTD post.

    I'm posting this now so that you'll have time to order some Arko and receive it in time, or let your Arko "air out" before use, or grate it and soak it in some aftershave in preparation for the month. Heck, you might do all three. Whatever the case, I'll see you in August!
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  1. I was just thinking of breaking out a new stick of Arko for tonight!
  2. I like me some Arko but not sure for an entire month. What the Hell... count me in....
  3. I'm in. Surprise.
  4. You guys are terrible, I've used Arko for 2 months straight wo any issues... Its better than coffee at waking you up almost as good as smelling salts lol.
  5. I'm addicted to Arko. I will use it in conjunction with my petri dish on my face in my thread "shave like grampa" ....I think that's what I called it.

    I'm not certain, but I think on the 8th day Arko was created. After the Fall, man had to be confounded by choice in shaving soaps.

    I'm just a retired deacon; do any Pastors want to chime in?
  6. Cphobes

    Cphobes Contributor

    Hello my name is Steve and I use Arko...

    Cult of Arko here, everyday all year long.
  7. You are my hero. Welcome friend!
  8. Arko will see more use for Arko August

    Count me in
  10. I already use ARKO 2-3 times a week, but for August will try to use it daily. :001_smile
  11. Guess I'm buying some Arko.
  12. I will use arko soap and arko splash all August long.
  13. Doesn't count unless you said these words while standing with your right hand over your heart!
  14. I've been using arko all of July so far. What's another month?
  15. That's the spirit!
  16. I'm in for Arko August. I'm planning on at least 31 three pass shaves.
  17. Well, after a lot of thought I will do Arko several times but not the whole month. Dries me out too bad. Possibly every other shave.
  18. Whatever works for you - there’s no pressure. Argo August is about raising the profile of this amazing soap, so however people want to participate is fine. :punk:
  19. bjm


    I'm in! A challenge for which I am both prepared and eager to face. No purchase sabbatical. No gentlemanly restraint. Just good ol' Arko for the entire month of August. Let's do this!

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