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Arko arrives tomorrow! What have I done?!!!

Got a stick of Arko on a dare (and it was cheap). It really does smell like urinal cake. I grated mine and mixed it 50:50 with grated Williams - makes a wonderfully dense & slick lather and doesn't make you smell like you've been toilet snorkeling.
whats wrong with the smell of a urinal cake?

Joking aside, I like it. I also have some schmidts deoderant that I really like... and my wife thinks it smells like urinal cakes too!
We hear terrible things about the scent of Arko, Tabac and the Veg.
I got a puck of Tabac, and loved it.

...I decided to quit while I was ahead. :laugh:
The smell of Tabac is great to me, not sure why anyone would dislike it.

Arko, isn't super sofiisticated, smells like old school laundry soap. I like it.

The Veg...horrible. Horrible by any measure. Its the only AS I HAD to wash off, then threw out. Bleh. If I remember right it was Play-Doh and cat urine smell. Reminds me of a funeral home in a horror movie.

Just my opinion of course. To each their own.
I really really don't understand how people think Arko smells like a urinal cake. It doesn't even have a strong scent. It can't be beaten for the money
Arko is good for lathering up and washing out the animal funk in a new badger brush. That is about it. The two combined negatives of the arko scent and badger funk cancel each other out to make a positive.

I also use it to wash my dog. It prevents fleas and ticks from getting on her.
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Came in today's mail. I can see what some of the folks meant when they said, it smells like Ivory soap with a touch of lemon. I can deal with the smell. If I think of a urinal cake smell...there is a feint resemblance, but like all my soaps, I keep my nose close and keep sniffing to try and break out the details. It's more like a pure soap smell to me. I'll be giving it a go within the next week. Understandably curious. But for now...at least for me...the scent is not a deal breaker.
It’s a terrible soap. No better than shaving with water alone, really. You should PIF it to me immediately.
I really don't get it either. But then again people complain about the scent of Tabac like it can penetrate concrete bunkers while still in the package. I don't know....
It's a personal preference thing but Arko must be the most polarising product on the market. People either love it or hate it. If you hate it, it still doesn't smell like a urinal cake. Wilkinson Sword tub soap has a way stronger scent than Arko,but people don't mention that one
It doesn't smell like urinal cake. It does have a smell that reminds me of public toilets when I was a kid. I think it was a disinfectant or some other cleaning product they used. It's a clean fresh but somewhat chemical smell.

It provides a fantastic lather for shaving but it started burning my skin after a few uses so I binned it. I found the smell way more powerful than Tabac though. Much stronger even just sitting in the bathroom. Tabac in the bowl is fairly low key by comparison. My last Tabac re fill was very low key.