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Arko arrives tomorrow! What have I done?!!!

I couldn't help it...I just kept hearing so many people rave about it. I bought the plastic tub.

But...if it smells like a urinal cake...it's going in the garbage!
You just need some snorkelling gear to go with it. Face mask to keep the fumes out of your eyes, clip for the nose, and the snorkel to breath the cleaner air behind you. You'll be fine!


What do I know? I've never used it :lol:


Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
Ivory soap with patchouli. Leave the jar open and the scent will diminish. Or keep the jar closed except for when you shave and crack the lid on your nightstand right before bed for a with of Arko to carry you to dreamland.

It‘s my favorite soap and I’ve tried three.
It sounds like an old joke, but I've been "airing out" a stick for the last two years. I just can't bring myself to put it on my face. That said, I did try Arko many years ago, and it was perfectly serviceable.
Everything is relative. When shaving regularly with Arko, you get used to the crazy scent. If you are coming from anything remotely fresh and breezy though, boy are you in for a ride, a slippery one!
Everyone has a different sense of smell. It smells like Ivory soap to me. It makes very good lather & the slickness is good.
That's what I used to think too. But when I moved some some stuff out of storage. I came across some 15+ year old Ivory soap.

I compared it to my Arko Stick. Arko does smell like Ivory soap with some lemon added to me now.

I hope it works out for you JCarr. As you can see here. Arko isn't for everyone. But if it works for you? It's a great performer for the $$.
Leave a note on your mailbox, telling the postman there's a $10 bill taped to the underside of the garbage can lid. If he deposits the package unopened in the garbage, the ten-spot is his.