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Arkansas Progression


Moderator Emeritus
This is my progression on the arks and gets a fantastic result, I use dish soap and water mix but I do set the bevel with a vintage washita.
This is the order I use.

6 Washita 203x51x18 8" x 2"
1 Soft Arkansas 6" 400 to 800 grit
2 Hard Arkansas 6" 800-1000 grit
3 Hard Black Arkansas 10" 2000-3000 grit
4 Surgical Black Arkansas 10" 4000-6000 grit
5 Arkansas Translucent Extra fine 6" 8000-10.000 grit

upload pic 1.jpg
Arks for finishing, I have compared the shave between my True Hard Ark, Translucent and Black and can't tell the difference. I have a Blue Black and sometimes I think it produces a better edge? This could be all in my head.
Funny thing about the soft Arkansas stone is that if I stay on it long enough it will start to impart a hazy mirror finish. But I don’t necessarily find a correlation between the amount of shine and the keenness on the soft. I find the edge a bit lacking at that stage despite the level of polish that begins to develop.
Gents, I am on the opposite end of that spectrum and feel Arkansas stones are not the type stone one should ever slurry. The actual particle size of that type of stone is quite large and the fineness of arks comes from the density in which the same particles are packed. Soft arks, hard arks, trans arks all are made of the same “particles”. They work differently due to density. I appreciate the discussion and hope I don’t offend by being of the opinion these are terrible stones to slurry in that way. I will concede that if it works for you…great and just because it is not for me doesn’t make it wrong. But it surprises me this works for you.
I agree. Ive been eyeing using my coticule slurry stone on my ark but i think a bbw slurry would do better on it since the particles are less aggressive like the arks.
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