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Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!

just run the blade back and forth or "hone" the chisel?????


Yeah just hone the chisel in long straight passes being aware of what your doing when your running the the sides and getting to end because your using more pressure than normal and also use water.
You’ll get a nice glossy finish that should stay that way using it with mineral oil.
Watch @drmatt357 youtube videos he just made last week on this very subject.
I saw both of those. If the quality is there, what you paid isn't really out of hand if you go by what that would slab out to.


Yeah, Pictures weren't all great, but that one looking at the fractured end (pic 3 above) makes me think it's a nice translucent black.

Slabwise, my 12x3x1" surgical black is 3lb 3oz.

So this is ballpark 3x the material of that one (and those sell in the high 400's these days)... so yeah if it's good rock, it's a good deal. Best case cut, you get an ~11-15"x3" and maybe a 6x2", 5x2", 4x2"... the 2" thickness doesn't really do anything but make it so you don't need a bench to support the rocks... I'd certainly never consider splitting it along that plane. But that said... other than maybe 2-4oz of "skin" on that one end, this looks like pretty pure Translucent Black material... which will be a nice collection piece as is. I've got no plans to try and cut it down.

I'm just hoping it's at least close to flat... this would be a MONSTER to flatten if it's far out.
Lapping that would be a chamber of horrors if it is wavy or concave like a lens from a cut. I lapped that ancient one today in the washita thread and it was wavy like a wooden roller coaster... It broke me..
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