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Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!


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Every time I pass a thrift store now I think about Tim and his Norton Razor Hone.
Your stone finding skills are second to none! I'm always looking forward to your next post!
Thank you very much. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I have not been shopping much of late. I am waiting for the return of the snowbirds and the tribute they have for me. I’m sure the rock pile will grow soon

Every time I pass a thrift store now I think about Tim and his Norton Razor Hone.
Of all the places I shop, thrift stores have the lowest odds of locations for scores. Mostly old spice or a occasional razor. I think back of all the hundreds I’ve been to before the Norton found me. Most are dry holes and I came out with nothing but the smell of dirty socks on me.

A bakers dozen of some I don’t usually post. My mini hard-trans pen knife stones. 3 inch to 5 inch rocks. Don’t usually buy these, but when they are a dollar or two, I will give them a new home

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Where do you score, Tim? Flea markets? Such things don't exist around here any more. The ones that do are Used clothes + New chinese garbage + knockoff bags/perfumes/watches + Produce shops. I haven't seen the kind of old fashioned Flea Markets where I remember seeing rocks as a kid since... well... I was a kid. At least 25 years.
Where do you score, Tim? Flea markets?
Mostly flea markets, some yard sales and estate sales. If I wanted to drive, there is a flea market every day of the week somewhere in the state. The quality of the items for sale have been lower the last few years. A lot of as you stated, new cheap junk.

Here is a typical right place-right time moment of my stone hunting life

I was at a market on Friday, the Fancy Flea Market in Plant City. It is three times a year. SWMBO wanted to go so off we went. It is what I consider a girly show, lots of pink tutus, shappy chic furniture, home made repurposed items and such. Surrounded by all this estrogen, they was a Oldtimer snowbird with a table of rusty gold. Here we go, first base. Asked if he had any stones and he said had a few, second base. Pulled a box from under the table and let me look thru it. There was seven stones in it, third base. A Carbo, some low grit mystery stones, a Scythe stone, and what I took home, a odd sized Pike #1 fine India, a 8” very old, dished Washita and a boxed 2x5 Trans, home plate-SCORE.

The cherry on top was another vendor who knows what I look for had a butterscotch Made-Rite #77. Also some sought after Gillette gear, a 1940 Mylady, a early 1930’s Goodwill with a blown out, cracked handle. Strange but I will take them, two cardboard blade banks for a 1918ish Bulldog/Single Ring. I must me getting old, I left behind a Atomic Blue lady’s Gillette for someone else to be in the right place. This was a good day shopping



Here are a few...Surgical Black, Dota Creek, Arkansas Grey, Bethesda Black..and a display at Smokey Mountain Knife Works which is amazing!
I think this is a washita but I'm not sure. I've never seen or felt one in person but it looks like ones I've seen online. I thought maybe it was just an 'ugly' trans ark because it weighs almost the same as my labeled trans ark with very similar dimensions and it's ever so slightly transluscent. It came in an old wooden box with no label. Here are some photos. If someone wants to help me identify it feel free :)



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That’s a Washita, and looks like a really clean one. Very nice stone congrats.