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Arkansas Love...Let's see those Arks!


That's much too nice to use!!! Isn't that about a 50's label? Nearly 70 years old and still pristine. Is that a Randall knife? Dying to see pics of the 8x2 you just got!!
duke762 said: Isn't that about a 50's label?
Not sure TBH but I'd say that's pretty close.
Could be up to mid 50s, possibly earlier, not later.

Label surgery.
Normally I don't bother when the label is this wrecked.
But I wanted to see how far the envelope can be pushed.

I tried with a queer creek from the same era that was soaked with oil. I found the issue was everything tends to purge from the label including the text unless you thread needles. Tried a few different methods, best case I got text with no color and a sort of coffee-stained look, worst case no text or disintegration. My own conclusion was once you got it readable if possible and stable the best thing to do is to stop.


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Those soft LW’s are wonderful stones. Good luck with label and let us know how it turns out.

I got these three from a company that hones microtome knives and surgical instruments. These were used for stainless section knives. They are very translucent and harder than ultra hard :). I started to flatten them on a glass plate with SIC. They get white, accept the yellow one, which is also super translucent.
The biggest one with the label is 9.9"x2"x1", the other one is 9.7"x2"x0.8".
The "L" on the label says Lapport, a company that is still in business. There is an artificial Arkansas called ´Record Arkansas´, I just saw those stones on a site for jewellers. I think they are from crushed Arkansas, but I am not really sure. I heard that they began to produce these stones a long time ago, because the quality of real Arkansas stones was not the same anymore. This quality was considered exhausted. They have not sold natural hard Arkansas for ages I think.
The Arkansas stones that were still used at the company where I got them were really dished,
you could see that with the naked eye. I asked about and was told that they are glad that they are dished. I think they use a different technique as we do with straight razors.
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I cleaned and lapped this big beautiful Lapport. This is best quality Arkansas and was sold for honing surgical instruments. The colors are realistic, it is not really white, more grey-white. It is still not completely broken in and cuts a bit fast, but it is already very fine. I measured a SG of 2.76, it is very translucent for a 1" thick stone.

@Sebrazor very nice stone Sebastian

A few rescued stones that followed me home. Two beautiful antique 8 x 2” Translucent, one 1” thick and the other 1 1/8” thick. Also a contemporary 8” surgical black glued into its case bottom. Has no ID, only the glue residue from a small oval label on the case top. Black-gray when dry, turns dark black when wet. The trans are two clean and clear stones in a warm amber color, almost butterscotch. No veins or character of any type. Held up to the sun and the perimeter lights up and glows as the light transverse the thinner edge. These are some nice stones in original houses

CD3FB35F-4750-4100-A37C-EFA82B3D5AFD.jpeg A2A092C6-C4F7-43C5-8743-E58A333F83CD.jpeg 074B440B-42CE-4753-BC02-0D4D27A1F237.jpeg 5A26470D-D629-4E4B-83F4-C4E7273FEA6F.jpeg
These are gorgeous colored translucents.
I just measured the SG of my translucent again. I only have a ruler for 10" length and a kitchen scale, so it is not really precise. This time it was only 2.69.
Here is a very nice translucent from NW (8"x3"x1"). First I thought it has little cracks, but these are quartz lines which has no influence on sharpening and can not be felt by touch or the fingernail.
I like the look of this stone, the white bubbles can be seen under the surface, it is very translucent. It looks a bit like the Norton that is available at Ebay at the moment (last photos).
It is super dense, no pores visible, the shaving edges are perfect, smooth and keen. I measured the SG, this time with a caliper. Is has about the same density as the Lapport, it was 2.72 for the NW and 2.75 for the Lapport.
There is however one hitch. The stone was concave on both sides. It has taken a long time to flatten it. But it is superb quality rock.



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The stone has been sold so the auction is no longer live. In this case even without a link there was enough info to link it to the auction because of the picture.

Remember no links or reference to live auctions.

i have a big surgical black ark that i found hunting antique shops.

(Edited post!!! Sorry Please read the TOU as we cannot value your stone for resale...)
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