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I just picked up my second Gold aristocrat off ebay. This razor has become my favorite of four different gillettes. It always seems to give me a better shave than my slim, my fatboy, or my superspeeds. The blade gap must be right for me. I would be interested to see other members opinions of this razor.
You'll get a lot of agreement here. The Aristocrat is my favorite style Gillette as well. There are several variations on the same theme in this line, the early 40s Aristocrat, late 40s Aristocrat, 50s Aristocrat, Diplomat, and President, all with slightly varying features, knurling, or plating, but similar in overall appearance. I've recently been on a buying kick trying to fill out my collection of US Aristocrats and their cousins, and I know there are several members with a full set already. You've found a good friend in that one :thumbup1:
The Aristocrat family of razors is my favorite, though the variations do provide slightly different shaves. Yet, as a group, they seem the most consistently good shavers. In order of preference:

1950 Aristocrat (only know it's a 1950 because it has a date code)
British #66
1946-47 Aristocrat
1948-50 Aristocrat (too aggressive for my beard/face)
1934-40 Aristocrat (open comb and much too aggressive for me)

Every group of Gillettes has its fans, but I think in the Aristocrat, Gillette came up with a razors that not only performs well but is really a nice piece of equipment in looks and design.
The 40's Aristocrat is the epitome of the non-adjustable TTO razors. It is my favorite razor to shave with. I am in complete agreement. Just be a bit careful, though as the Aristocrat name was associated with a large number of razors (mostly all high end) including gold Old Types, 30's Open Combs, the 40's one piece solid safety bars, and the gold slim adjustable. Most all were gold except for the British variants many of which had silver finishes.

Thus, the Aristocrats are a large family!:smile:
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