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Just bought this off eBay and was wondering why it ended so cheap ($16). Is this an Aristocrat? Approximate year? I've been wanting a gold vintage razor and liked the Aristocrat and also wanted a case since none of the razors I have bought have came with one. Description said it was in very nice condition with minor rub wear on the blade doors. Did I do alright or was there a reason why it ended so cheap?

This is the only pic unfortunately.

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That is an Aristocrat and a GREAT price as well. It's a tad bit on the aggressive side but a solid razor all around. Congrats on a fantastic purchase.
BTW - here's a pic of the case's exterior. One of my favorite cases that Gillette Manufactured IMHO.


Just a matter of luck. Could have gone for more than triple of that. Great shavers.
I just wanted to make sure since I have been watching Aristocrats over the past week or 2 on eBay and they usually go anywhere from $35-75. Wanted to make sure there wasnt a reason it went so cheap.
That would have been a great buy at $16 without the case. You got a great deal! You never know on eBay when something is going to slip through for 1/3 of its worth, but usually it goes the other way, and razors get bid up to 50% more than they should be worth - but it's a free market, so I guess the value is whatever someone is willing to pay. Unfortunately, many times the sellers work hard to describe the defects in their auction items, and they may not lie, they may just not disclose defects. Congatulations! :001_smile
That is a fantastic score. Let us know how it shaves.

I find the gold razors harder to keep looking pristine. People have suggestions for our new proud owner of this golden token of royalty?
I can tell you why it went for $16. Because I did not see it listed in my usual search! I would have bid it up higher than that! Great score!!
It also ended at like 8am central time so that might be another reason it ended low. I figured the low price might be for the last of pictures, the early ending time, it didn't show up properly in searches somehow, or it really wasn't what it was listed as (I have seen a lot of auctions people calling razors fat boys or slim adjustables and were mistaken). I'll post more pics and a review on how it shaves once I get it. Thanks for the replies.
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