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FS Aristocrat #16; SMN Cream; Zenith Manchurian; Soap Lot

Here are some lovely items.

All items CONUS only. Pricing covers PayPal fees and postage (I live in Alaska so shipping is a little more than the lower 48).

1) Aristocrat #16 set. Complete set in ABSOLUTELY PERFECT condition - razor, box and blade bank. The razor itself is in perfect working order, mechanism, doors - so SO smooth and beautifully shiny with minimal blemishes. Box is polished but just a few scratches picked up over the years. This is one of the best sets of a brilliant razor that I have seen or owned! Stunning. $250
16 1.jpg

16 2.jpg
16 3.jpg
16 4.jpg

2) Zenith XXL Manchurian With Heavy Copper Chrome handle. Re-Posting this as it did not sell when I last posted it on here (as you can see - dated 11.11.18) Lovely heavy handle with a 28+mm knot. 51mm loft. Total weight is around 110 grams. Total height is 115mm. Beautiful, beautiful brush that is so thick and soft it unreal. Used about 10 times, never sheds hairs. Retails at $95, yours for $45 (reduced from last time)


3) Santa Maria Novella tub. A brilliant cream, so slick and moisturizing. If you have never tried it, treat yourself. Used about 10 times. Lasts forever. This retails at $70. Its yours for $45


4) Soap Lot $40
Oleo Soapworks Humanitas
- brand new, never used.
Sterling Barbershop - brand new, never used.
Mikes Natural Soaps - used once.
Grooming Department - vegan Ambra - 75% remaining.
Grooming Department - vegan Dia - 80% remaining.

soap lot.jpg
I split the soap lot - GD vegan soaps SOLD pending funds.

Ill take $35 for the three remaining soaps ($10 each plus $5 towards shipping) Mikes, Sterling and Oleo.

And sorry about my mistake in the original post - it is of course as the picture depicts - Sterling Sandalwood! :001_smile
Zenith Brush - SOLD!

Santa Maria Novella still available - $45
Mikes, Sterling & Ole Soap Lot still available - $35
Really want these gone.....reductions below:

Santa Maria Novella still available - $35
Mikes, Sterling & Ole Soap Lot still available - $25
The 3 sops above are still available.

I really want these items gone, so Ill throw in a brush (pictures below) I never use, actually its only ever been used twice.

Mikes, Stirling & Ole Soap Lot still available - $30 + FREE Semogue 610


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