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Ariana & Evans Corinthian Leather shaving soap

I received a tub of Ariana & Evans Corinthian Leather shaving soap from The Razor Company this week. This soap uses the K2e base, which is slicker than a time traveling con artist. I used a 28mm Shavemac Fibre brush and loaded up. The first thing I noticed is that this soap wanted a little more water. I had to add water at least three times, even with this big water hog brush. I also think I overloaded it a bit as I ended up with enough lather for five or six passes! It made a very creamy, dense lather, even after I added more water. It was very nice and super slick. The residual slickness was so good I ended up with a BBS shave. I was using my S.K. Colling straight razor.

The scent reminds me of my father's old suede jacket. It is a nice, leathery scent with a few other notes, but mostly suede-like leather. It is a really nice masculine scent. There are some good leather scents out there, but this one is certainly near the top of the heap, for me. It is not as nice as B&M's Full Measure of a Man, but that has tobacco and other notes. The Corinthian Leather has no tobacco, but the K2e base is very slightly better on my face.

I love this soap. This will be a frequent user, for a fact.

Slickness and residual slickness 10/10
Scent 9.5
Shaving Comfort 10/10
Cushion 10/10

Keep in mind that YMMV as this represents my experience, only.

A&E Corinthian Leather K2e base shaving soap (wonderful!)
Shavemac 28mm Fibre knot butterscotch brush
S.K. Colling 6/8 Spanish Point straight razor with blue paua shell scales.
That’s a really good setup, which is also tempting me to order new Shavemacs. Only have the smaller knots (22?, 24?). And that handle is currently my favorite one. Cheers!
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