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Argentine Tea - Mate (mah-teh)

I am argentine and I was wondering if there are any fans here for it. I drink it every other day pretty much as a replacement for coffee. If you have questions or comments, fire away!

And yes, I know its not a fine tea or premium coffee, its actually a gaucho's drink....rough, bold, strong. Definitely an acquired taste but it gives you energy without the coffee jitters.
Ah! Here it's called Yerba Mate. That I've had a few years ago. Was sold in health food stores. Not a suitable replacement for coffee, though.
Well yes, yerba mate are the tea leaves but the actual drink is called mate. Its very different from coffee and its all relative on how you drink it. Generally, you throw water in a thermos and drink mate for a while longer than coffee. I like coffee too, but to each their own.

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Yerba Mate; bombilla, etc.

In Miami it's seen; I like the Materva soda, myself.

An alternative caffeine method that works.

Isn't there some toxicity or cancer risk though?

I've seen it but never partaken. I will put it on the list. Fine is a relative term. The best tea I know of is a tisane made from the Greenthread plant. It is the best because the smell and taste take me home. No matter how far away I am.
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I've tried a few mate teas before but I remembered they were not to my liking. It might;ve been the various fruits that were added to the blends, though, than the mate itself.


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Tough guy tea you say? Nothing but yak butter tea for me.

Some of our Australian mods tried that in Argentina. Now they go around calling everyone mah-teh.
The first time I tried mate I made the mistake of using boiling water. The result was quite bitter. The next time I used hot but not boiling water and it was much better. To me, it tastes like a more flavorful green tea. I pick it up occasionally at a local grocery store.

The brand that we have here is Guayaki and it comes loose or in tea bags.
Rather unpleasant grassy drink. It was served to me in a small cup made of a dried pumpkin. Was told to drink it through a straw. One time was enough.

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Rather unpleasant grassy drink. It was served to me in a small cup made of a dried pumpkin. Was told to drink it through a straw. One time was enough.
Defininitely not for everyone. If you like the sweeter, fruitier teas then this is not for you.

Isn't there some toxicity or cancer risk though?

No, not at all. Actually consuming any hot tea or beverages increases your risk of cancer naturally. But its really negligible so no.

When I was younger my grandmother would drink it all the time but I didn't like it. Only liked it with lots of sugar but of course I would, I was 6-7. I moved to the US after and didn't drink it for a long time until I made some argentine friends. Started drinking it again and never looked back. I still drink coffee and other teas. But mate is like my work/study drink. Wakes me up, helps me focus, and keeps me going. Definitely had very long nights with mate at Uni.
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