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Are you going to shave your facial hair now.....

This has nothing to do with that pamphlet from the Gov regarding how facial hair interferes with correct fitting of masks.

My issue is that there are virus around....will it adhere to your facial hair and increase the risk of infection.....
No one knows.....
In my case: why risk it.....gone in the trash, looking 10yrs younger and one less thing to worry about..... yes I have a lot of soaps, shampoo, oil, butter, etc.... well if it doesn't go bad, I can use it in winter again as long as no deadly viruses around
No. I'm not shaving my beard.

It's not a rebel thing. I keep it clean, with beard wash every day, oil it. So there's no need to shave the beard.
The only time I've seen anyone say that facial hair could be a risk is in news articles claiming that the CDC said to shave it off. Well, those articles were mistaken. Just another load of baloney in the sea of misinformation that people are shoveling onto the Internet.

So, no, I'm not shaving mine off.
The only time I have had a beard is when I grew a goatee over Christmas break when I was in college many years ago. However, I have had a mustache for the past few years. I decided that having a virus collection device located between my nose and lips might not be the wisest thing to do these days, so I shaved it off a week ago.
Once this viral mess is over, I might grow it back. My beard grows so fast, my mustache will grow back in about two weeks.
Unless you're caring for someone with an airborne disease (which as far as I know, the Crayola virus is not) and need a tight seal wearing an n95 mask, I haven't heard of any reason why shaving would be advantageous. Unless you're just looking for an excuse to shave more, which is fair.
Not because of the virus, but because I just got over it and having had it for so long, I haven’t shaved for five weeks or more. Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve been working on regaining my strength. When range of motion and strength improve some, I‘ll clipper my scalp, cheeks, and neck down and hit it with a kami for ease of control due to pain in A shoulder joint still.

Some odd bits from older hospital staff and patient studies...

Beards can carry greater amounts of beneficial bacteria which kill off bad bacteria. In comtrast to the bearded, shaved faces were found to carry an abundance of bad bacteria in proportion to the good bacteria.
In-hospital studies have proved that out in multiple places.


my limited facial hair (ring beard i believe is the term, but I've seen it called goatee and mustache too) gets thoroughly cleaned twice daily. it ain't goin' nowhere.
My wife just mentioned today that she thinks I should shave mine since I'm confined to the house for the foreseeable future anyway. I haven't been clean shaven in over 4 and a half years. I'm thinking why not? I already cut the handlebars with Big Shave Southwest bing postponed.
Nope and I never will. For all those that say the virus will stick to your beard theres those who say that a beard filters out the virus and prevents you from breathing it in.
I dont know which is true and dont really care.


Almost lost the goatee today. Did the regular trim. Took the guard off the trimmer to do the upper lip. Saw a spot that needed a touch up and realized too late that the guard was still off. I evened everything up but it’s pretty sparse. I almost thought I would just shave it off for the above reasons but I really didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I’ll just let it grow back. Not like I’m going anywhere.
I might take 4-6 inches off because it's spring and it is starting to get in the way, but no plans of getting rid of it.