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Are you anachronistic?

I don't like much modern music and if I do it is because it sounds like the older music. I like Big Band era music, which is some of the best music anywhere at anytime. I also like classical music and it is often my go-to music when I am thinking and pondering. I like Rock and Roll from the late 1960's to the upper 1970's, especially Southern Rock, but not limited to that.

I also prefer good wood on my hunting firearms, but I will accept laminated wood on a rifle meant for extreme conditions. I prefer Smith and Wesson J Frame revolvers, but for a pistol I want a Glock. I was converted from the 1911 I carried in the military and beyond when I shot my first Glock when they arrived in the USA so long ago. My father laughed and then shot mine and traded his 1911 that very day for a Glock. I can't argue with proven superiority.

I prefer side-by-side shotguns for hunting over pumps and over-unders. The one exception I make is the Remington 1100 Special Field, a beautiful straight stocked and fast handling shotgun.

When I shave it is with a straight razor, though sometimes I use a Double Edged Safety razor. I want Mitchel's Wool Fat shaving soap or La Toja, the older stuff still being better than the newer stuff.
I'm half of your age, only 35.

Both my grandfathers were army pilots in SFRY, my father worked in the Navy for 5 years, now he is on board civilian ships.

I was raised with traditional values. Those are rare nowdays, I was lucky to find my wife, she was raised same way.

Good maners are esential. I always remove hat and sunglasses when I'm in door. If I have an apointment, I always wear long pants and shirt.

In my opinion a man must know how to tie a tie, how to fix a button, how to wash clothes and iron shirts, wet shaving is esential, these thing are personal higiene. Men must know how to change a tire and unclog the sink, sharpen knives and do other minor home repairs. All this things are being slowly forgotten.

I prefer manual car with 3 pedals, I don't like the idea of smart cars, I'm driving my car not the oposite.

My phone is always on silent, I'll reply on text when I want.

Some technology is good, I like Kindle, it just works, but I do read hard copy from time to time. Reading books is sadly almost lost practice.

Streaming service is convenient, but I prefer to have my movies and music and games on CD, with strreaming service, you don't own things, you only rent them.

I tried all new stuff, but I went back, I don't want smartwat h taht needr recharging every day and the counts my steps, hart beats and sleep pattern, that is just creepy.

I loke music from 70s-90s, new music has some hidden gems but 99% is terible

DSLR camera is good, old one with film is just notalgia if you ask me.

I think I managed to take good things from new and old.

Technology is going forward, but not all of it is good. Video call with family members is good thing, car preordering spare parts by it self is a bad thing.
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