Are you a vegan wet-shaver? What are your vegan products?

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    I have a tub of RazoRock Zi'Peppino soap that has "Vegan Formula" on the label. It is actually made by Tcheon Fung Sing and in fact TFS sells the same soap under their own label as Green Tobacco. You might check out some of their other offerings to see if they adhere to vegan ethics in formulation.
  1. Without trying to be pompous or political, the thread title implies that those who use natural bristle brushes or tallow soap endorse cruelty.
  2. I endorse cruelty.

    Take my wife.


    Yes, I'm here all week!!!
  3. Nah. It's cool.
  4. Guess you could call me ‘agnostic.’ I use both vegan and ‘animal’ based products based on performance!
  5. Elvado has a small line of creams. Great performance and some nice scents.

  6. Lol. You be da man!
  7. What?
    Just found out that the horse lived through making my horse hair brush!
    I'll have to stop using it :)
    J/K. I'm a "Consumer". I use what I like! Or what ads tell me I should like! :)
  8. It is the unfortunately the truth, that our farming system involves cruelty.
    I created this thread to gather information on plant-based shaving products, that are also free of animal testing. There is no intention in the title to upset non-vegans, nor do I want to launch a debate to justify veganism.
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    On of the greatest threats to animals is palm oil based products.
    Palm oil plantations are destroying the rainforest ... I cannot understand that cruelty.
    There is no such thing as a neutral choice.
    Everything has environmental consequences be it vegan or crueltyfree or sustainable animals by product.....
  10. I see your point on the waste issue. But I see things differently. I see an ethic issue, so I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. The reason why more and more products get the vegan logo is because there is a demand for it. By voting with our money, we create a demand on the market.
    And I wish to add, that those who are empaths towards other beings, don´t particularly enjoy consuming parts of their bodies. I mean, unless I have to survive (and that´s not my case) I would rather using alternative products if I can.
  11. Well, palm oil production is still tiny in comparaison with the production of soy bean 95% dedicated to feed cattle... The destruction of the rainforest is surely not caused by vegans, but by a world population eating meat.
    So if ecology is your issue, go vegan.
  12. +1 for Dr Jon's as a great performer as well as Elvado.
  13. I am not a vegan myself and I am just replying to your post with the hope to help.
    In my opinion, if you want to minimize impact on other living things, beyond dietary meanings, you should consider growing a beard. Get a good pair of scissors and learn to maintain them.
    If you must shave, use shaving jelly, applied by hand. Equally effective. Unfortunately I cannot recommend a particular brand although, as always, google is your friend here. If you cannot figure it out, I will do the research for you.
    Anything else involves a lid over that consciousness, at some point. You decide how high. Or low.
    Good luck.

    Oh, forgot to mention. Plastic is awful and synthetic brushes are dreadful, when it comes to impact on life. Again, in my uneducated opinion.
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  14. Quite a lot of options in the soap world. Soap Commander, Dr. Jon's, Phoenix, LASSCo (if they still make soap), Grooming Dept, and Wet Shaving Products to name just a few. Many more than that, but that will get you started.
  15. PAA, Soap Commander, and Dr Jon's are all readily available, fantastic performing, affordable, vegan soaps that come in a variety of 'flavors' (with matching aftershaves) and I personally cannot say enough great things about all three artisans. I may be wrong but I believe all proraso products (besides their boar hair brush and yellow foam can) are vegan as well. At minimum I know their soaps, creams, and aftershaves do not contain animal products. Also look at maggard, WCS, and Italian barber's house branded items. Not all of them are vegan but each have vegan offerings.

    I have been vegetarian for the last 13 or so years, I do eat dairy but do not eat meat, fish, or chicken, as well as do not purchase or use leather/hide items. I do however use some cheaper soaps with tallow (like arko for shaving or coast/Irish spring for bathing) because they are by products of the meat and leather industry so I look at more like using everything/honoring the animal over promoting the reason for their death. Not at all saying I'm right or wrong, I've just never participated in a thread where making that comment related to the topic haha.
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    Not a Vegan... but SV, Grooming Dept, Haslinger and Martin de Candre have terrific vegan bases! I’m also told that Wholly Kaw has great soaps in their Vegan line as well. I don’t have personal experience with it, but I don’t doubt it.
  17. Jim

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    We are just going to have to disagree it seems.
  18. I have to disagree with you as well.
    If ecology is your issue, go smart.
  19. I thought about Haslinger a their new formula gets rave reviews but I think they use dairy.

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