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Are these worth picking up??

Hello, I was cruzing around an antique store and came across these to razors. They're asking $10 a peice for them, just courious to see if they're worth adding to my collection?

First was a Gellete ball end tech - not sure of the date code?



Second one is a Valet Razor


Thanks folks
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The first on looks to me to be a ball end tech, a good razor and if in a decent case it is worth the $10 easily. However they are easily found in mint condition and would say $15 for both would be a fairer "haggle" price.

Second valet razor is not so common but also not as popular. Still both nice interesting pieces.
I am not a Gillette expert but the first one I believe is a Travel Tech. They are pretty common from what I understand. I have one and I paid $7-10 for it . My case was different however I do like the case yours is in.
The Valet I know very little. I am not sure that there are blades that can be used for that anymore. So if it's going to be a user you might want to hold off on that one.
Thanks for the replies!

I think the travel tech's were alittle stubbier like this


Man I wish I grabbed some numbers off of it!
That is a good price for the Tech which should polish up nicely. As for the box, I would be willing to trade you a nice Super Speed for it as it doesn't match the razor. That way you could get two razors for the $10 price. The box goes with a Ranger Tech.

You are correct! Audiolab is probably correct in that it is a ball end tech. Heck for 10 bucks I don't think you could go wrong. I just don't know anything about Valet razors.
Oh, and I would pass on the Valet. $10 might be worth it for a nice complete display worthy set, but not for that one.
Yeah box for the Tech is definately wrong but that is common. I have one those techs and they are nice shavers. It look like it will clean upp well.
The fact that the Valet has original box and papers makes it surley wirht at least $5 to a collector (althought not many of those).

If you only want the Tech then you will probably not get much off, I would offer $15 for both and sell the valet. Failing that offer $8 for the Tech.
That is a good price for the Tech which should polish up nicely. As for the box, I would be willing to trade you a nice Ranger Tech for the ball tip. The box goes with a Ranger Tech.

So let me get this right . . ACORDING TO WHAT YOU WROTE :wink: . . You want to trade me the ball tip tech for your ranger tech, so that way I will having the matching razor to my box??:thumbup:

Seriously though Mr. Guido . . I PM'ed you about your offer.
The late model Tech's embossed cap is made of zinc and is considerably lighter then the brass caps and IMO less desirable.
I didn't know that. Mine is the etched one and with an aluminium handle and nickel cap all the weight is in the head.
I think the embossed head is what led to the earlier "travel tech" confusion. Previous to this, I'd only see that head with the little travel techs.

Darjeeling Express is fond of pointing out that all Techs are, in fact, travel capable as they can be disassembled and packed neatly into an Altoids tin.

- Chris
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