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Are these razors any good/worth getting?

A guy that I bought a few straights from a while back has messaged me to see if I want these too...
One appears to be a Gilette and the other is a Valet Auto-strop made in England.

I know almost nothing about DE razors apart from having bought a cheap Chinese one off ebay years ago and deciding that I really didn't like it...
I'll probably rarely if ever use a DE on my face... I'm loving my straights...but I'm not brave enough to try shaving my head with a straight!


The auto-strop is certainly interesting. A few members have them, so you may get some advice on how well they work. The Gillette looks usable. As far as worth getting, it depends on the prices. The Gillette looks like a common razor that should be relatively inexpensive. I have no clue about the value of the auto-strops. I just like the concept.
I would pass. There are so many razors on the bay or other places like on B&B. The members here have never let me down. The members all are great to deal with. watch BST and get one.
I think you answered your own question- you love your straights.😉

If cheap, the DE Gillette would be a reasonable into to DE shavers. The AutoStrop may or may not be one that accepts Gem blades, I would bet 70/30 against it. Proprietary Feather blades are ~$1/ea, but are probably closer to your straight shave.
Only really interested as a possible head shaver...face is for straights...

He wants $25 each or $40 for both, but that's Australia dollars so probably about $0.50 US...OK, not quite that bad...
The Tech is very common and quite inexpensive and the Auto Strop is probably one of those who require the Feather SE blades, which are pricy and not worth it. I would also pass.
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