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Are these 2 Personna blades the same?

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Some say they are the same. Some say they are not. If not, which is better? The blue is available everywhere but the red is quite rare.
I may be wrong, but I thought that the reds are in a five pack and the blues are in a ten pack - but are the same blade.
They are the same Personna Platinum Chrome blade made in Israel. Just sold in a 5 pack cardboard tuck or a 10 pack plastic dispenser.
As I recall from years ago, they were the same but packaged differently for different areas. The reds used to be very widely available and were much less expensive than the blue package. This was 10 years ago and the details are a little foggy.
Personna is the most confusing company I know (at least the most confusing to me). :a13::a13:

I believe that these are indeed the same bladed but different packaging (but they have so many packages).
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