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Are there any headphone enthusiasts here?

I have a pair in my carry on bag (remember those, folks?!?) Sony WH 1000. Wireless and noise cancelling. I tried 3 sets in the shop, rigged up those, some Sennheisers and a Bose set, all were good, but the Sony set was the best. I used the same song on each much to the wife's exasperation (The Spirit of Radio, studio version) so I felt it was a valid comparison. Pricewise, all fairly similar.
The fanciest earmuffs I ever sported were the Grado SR-60’s. Nice boomy scoopy yet clear inexpensive set.

I now just rock the Apple earbuds, they sound just fine as long as I’m in a quiet place.
I'm old, me hearing sucks, and I HATE buds in my ears. My preferred headphones in the house are Sennheiser HD 380 Pro, which block out noise. The HD380 replaced my HD280. Before selling my house last year, when cutting the lawn or working outside, I would jack cheap Panasonic ergofit ear buds into my iPod, and cover my ears with Peltor shooting earmuffs to keep the buds in place. Ah, the peace and quiet. I almost enjoyed working outside. That combo blocked out the world around me.
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Do earbuds count? I love my now discontinued Klipsch X10. They are passive noise cancelling and very comfortable to wear. Sometimes I forget they're in. They are great at work for 8 hours straight.
I do sound design, record and mix audio during my spare time, for a hobby group I'm part of. So I got some "audiophile" grade headphones for that particular purpose:

DT770 pro 80 ohm (main mixer headphones)

KRK-KNS8400 (Backup pair, mainly used for gaming and other every day tasks)

I enjoy both of them for different purposes. And they sort of fill each other out in terms of pros and cons. The DT770 has a fixed cable and I usually have bad luck with that over time. While the KNS8400 has a detachable cable. Which means I can just change it when its needed. DT770 has more robust construction, while the KRK has a lot of plastic.

I could use both for all my needs. But I'd say that I prefere the DT770 for critical listening. The DT770 also got good reviews from two of my friends who actually work in pro studios in the capital. Where they mix dubbed audio for cartoons and animated movies. Which are translated from English to Norwegian. So I don't doubt my pair for a second.

The KRK also fills an interesting gap. Since some mixing engineers use them as a substitute for their KRK monitors. If they have to work late in their homestudio. Or need to work at home to finish a project from work. Basically they find them reliable when it comes to sounding the same as their monitors the next day.

Don't know if I'd call myself an enthusiasts though. But no complaints from me about either pair.
Let's see. I have a 20-year-old pair of Etymotics, but I've not worn those for a while. Plus I have an original pair of Joe Grados from 25 or so years ago that need new cables and ear pads. Don't know the model number on those, but they cost me nearly $800 back in the '90s.

For phone calls, I generally use Google Voice; for that I use an el cheapo no-name gaming headset I scored for $13 on Amazin'. (They actually sound pretty good!)
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The Sennheiser/Drop 6XX has really changed my mind about headphones. No headphones will ever provide what a good pair of speakers will--air moving in the room--but this pair (Stereophile Class A recommended for many years at about $600 for the original Sennheiser HD650), for only $220, has been providing a lot of fun recently.
I have several but most are for practical reasons they do not get close to what my old Sony’s could deliver.

some Apple AirPods 1 as my go to walk buds since I have narrow ear canals in ear though sounding better are painfully.

some folding sennheisers on the ear with noise cancelling for in the airplane.

some aftershokz for when you need o use ear protection for machinery and still want to hear music or telephone.

and a drawer with several in the ear and over the ear headphones which are good but just did not fit the bill


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I use over the ear Bose NC 700’s for listening to tv when others in the house are asleep.
For workouts I use
Jaybird Vista’s-I have 2 pair
Jaybird Tarah Pro

I also have a pair of Apple Air Pods
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