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Are there any advantages (or disadvantages) of a SE razor over a DE razor?

In general se blades are stiff which gives more control for some.
Heads can be narrower which can be easier under the nose
There are ac blades with training wheels (pro safe) which makes them allmost idiot proof. And this is why I keep it forever. Just not as a daily shaver.
Performance is subjective and more like a personal preference. It also depends on which SE we talk about, since injectors, GEM style razors, AC style razors and a couple of other not as common types are fall under the SE category.

I've used injectors, AC and GEM blades and my personal preference is the injectors. The others are also very good, but for me the injectors are much easier to use and the absolute auto-pilot shave that guarantees a fast, smooth and effortless BBS every time.

Are SE blades and razors superior to DE blades and razors? Maybe. The SE blades are thicker and it's nearly impossible to experience the blade chatter phenomenon, which lots of folks suffer from.

Get yourself a couple of GEM/Star/Ever ready razors and a few injectors and give them a try is my advice,
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Lounging On The Isle Of Tugsley.
@JasonJT , I’m so happy your move towards other razors than your Sledgehammer isn’t my fault.

Can’t wait to read what you’ve received and your experiences with them.
My real "thing" is learning and exploring. It comes down to preference or a desire for variety -- either way there's only one person on the planet who can tell you how you like it.

I admit that injectors do not and never have engaged me. I don't know why; it just seemed like something I didn't want to try. I grew up thinking of DE razors as "normal" because that's what Mum used. Dad used an electric. A bicycle racer in my youth, I was sympathetic to my mother's razor use but did not emulate it in a search for ultimate aerodynamic efficiency.

Honestly my first reaction to discovering Gem-style razors was "so that's what else you can do with those blades" being well acquainted with box cutters and paint scrapers. I can read; cautions against using such blades for shaving did not fall on "deaf eyes." The whole AC thing was a bit of a mystery to me but I tried a few razors and have found two I like: the ATT X1 AC slant and the RazoRock Hawk V3SB. I have a small rotation of Gem and Gem-style razors as well.

I've lately been reining in my desire to Try All The Razors. Oh, yeah...I'm waiting on a Konsul. :001_rolle I recognize that I've found what I like, so anything else is just for sport. Mostly. I'm sure there are still lovely razors out there to discover, and I'm still hunting a couple of "unicorns."

I like the thin head of my Executive Shaving Co. Claymore Evolution. I love the Feather ProGuard blades I'm using. I will experiment with a few other blade choices but there are only 5 of them, unless I wanted a more aggressive blade, which I don't. so.... in a few months, I can determine which blade works the best...no need to spend years matching blades to various DE razors.

I got back into wet shaving for the actual shaving experience over Gillette cartridge razors and canned shaving cream. I like the rituals of the shave but am not looking to find another expensive hobby. I already have a couple of those. ;)
If you do nick or catch yourself, the SE razors don't seem to cut/nick as deep. (Possibly due to the thicker blade?). Not saying you won't have a raw feeling face, if you're not at least somewhat careful, but if you do lapse in attention, the results don't seem to be as bad.

Other than that, they do shave at a different blade angle, and of course the blade is more rigid, being thicker than your typical DE blade. (SE blades don't flex).
The main difference between DE and SE is the blades. I’m happy with both formats but I enjoy using Artist Club blades very much. There are several potential advantages with AC blades, but of course personal preference is most important.

You can use an AC blade for much longer and it’s nice not to count how many shaves I’ve done with a blade and not having to switch out blades nearly so often. I think all the common AC blades perform extremely well, and the differences in blade exposure, sharpness and smoothness are greater than DE, so you can use different blades to dial-in the performance of your SE razor. The extra rigidity of AC blades does reduce blade chatter and this seems to cause fewer nicks. And you can get guarded AC blades if you want (which you can‘t for a DE blade), although I think the guarded blades are mostly intended for shavettes, which can be slightly intimidating using unguarded AC blades since they are much sharper than straight razor edges tend to be. The extra width of AC blades is either an advantage or disadvantage for you - they enable you to shave with fewer strokes on your skin, so potentially a quicker shave with less irritation, but they are less nimble for the hollow areas of your face, and skin-stretching becomes more important. I also think that the wider AC blades encourage the use of curved or J-strokes which can make your shaving technique more effective.

I would definitely encourage anyone to try an AC SE razor. You can’t know which format is best for you until you try. Certainly some of the best safety razors available today are AC format SE razors, so the options are in no way inferior.
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I prefer ac and also own injector, de, and gem razors.

I like the wider blades and I like the blade packaging too.


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I'm on the record here in many places: I really enjoy shaving with my Executive Shaving Co. Claymore Evolution. Almost no learning curve... very intuitive... very close shaves.... fun to use.
I will add something that may not have been mentioned about why SE can be a better choice than DE. In the case of older wedge (hollow ground) blades you can put a good edge on once and with a few strokes strop back to 100% just about forever. I am working on a few blades but don't quite have the knack yet.
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